Marcelo Burlon – County of Milan

Recently I have not gotten the chance to post anything due to obligations. However, the inspiration bulb regards to the aesthetics of life is never dim. When I was browsing on the net, I was intrigued from the recent t shirt collection from Marcelo Burlon (The county of Milan). Burlon, preferred to be recognized as an “art director” is known for his events, parties, art direction and vast connections in the worlds of fashion and art, the Milan based creative presents his first ever t-shirt collection in time for Summer 2012. Collaborated with graphic designer, Giorgio Di Salvo, to make these remarkable t-shirts.

The images are pretty dope overall. Being inspired throughout his life in South America. His lookbook features longtime friend Lea T (and if you’ve seen recent street style snaps, she’s been Burlon’s biggest promoter), and he counts Riccardo Tisci as his best friend, which explains the intricate designs. I am curious about the prices on the shirts. I can strongly see this as a perfect substitute from Givenchy t-shirts. My limit of purchase will be approximately $200 (ironically, I may change my mind lol).  #IJS

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