10/10 2012 Fall/Winter lookbook

Thai designer Sup Suphanut Suwansanya and his menswear label 10/10, displays an array of contemporary clothing inspired by a broad spectrum of influences including geometrical shapes and anime (i.e. Gundam). I love the range how the design blended the tailored clothing, streetwear, and the avant-garde with a futuristic twist. Of course, this is not the first someone has not given a futuristic approach to their collections. However, its much refreshing to see its from a collections you normally don’t from in many fashion magazines. 

Due to the era we will live, its not unusual to see how carbon copies hit the runways, streets, or anything in natural. This collection was retroactively inspired with a futuristic twist, which is cool to rock in the present. This collection is indeed dope!

1 thought on “10/10 2012 Fall/Winter lookbook

  1. Def very different. Unusual structures and very futuristic looking.
    Never heard of the designer or his 10/10 label, always nice to discover new designers (he might not be new to the scene but he’s new to me) 🙂

    – Sofie

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