Brunch at Toast

Recently, me and my lady happened to have times from ours from parenting. We decided to go to brunch on Market. You are talking about breakfast food to die for! I have never had such an “out-of-body” experience with food like this. My food section was pretty standard, Pancakes and French Toast. Sometimes I don’t like to switch my appetite too much. I’m kinda like that old person who only use the same fragrance for 30-40 years lol. However, food this good, its okay to be greedy and order to whole menu!

That weekend, I chose to embrace my inner edgy chic side by implying my Asos Leather Motorcycle Jacket and William Rast distress jeans, Versace H&M T-shirt, and finished with an urban twist with the low-cut Lebron James 9 sneakers. Sometimes its good to change your look from time to time (unfortunately, I have been negligent for posting my looks on the blog. More Coming soon…)

“Iron Will”


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