JoyRich – The Joy Leopard Performer Varsity Jacket

For christmas, I did stated I wanted to get the Thom Browne for target blazer. However, my desires for the psudo- chuck bass aesthetic was put to the aside for something more, exotic! This varsity jacket by Joyrich embodies everything about me as a person. Taken a twist on the menswear staple, the faux leopard fur is totally an eye catcher on the street. Walking down the street with these piece on your back, there is no denying only a few people are chosen to wear such a privileged piece of art. The stripes featured on the bottom of the jacket as well as the sleeve provides a subtle pizzazz. This is indeed something I need in my life! Purchase here

image source: Karmaloop

Rumor: Givenchy and H&M to collaborate in 2013

It hasn’t been 2 weeks since the launch of the Maison Martin Margiela and H&M and there is already speculation of the next designer placed on deck for 2013. early rumors are suggesting that fast fashion powerhouse H&M’s latest collaboration is to be none other than Givenchy (Gee Von Chee). Supposedly, the two labels will be joining forces in 2013. While H&M’s roster consist of Marni, Maison Martin Margiela and Versace collaborations, it would not be a surprised if this is true. Once again, this is not confirmed, but this news is completely viral at this moment!
Soapbox: My only concern is how would it affect the “Givenchy Fad” with the hypebeast out there rocking the “rottweiler” shirts or whatnot. Once upon a time, the urban community was totally aware of Givenchy (let alone failed to pronounce it correctly). Since Your favorite rappers wearing it, they want to! I appreciate EVERYTHING Riccardo Tisci has done with the label since he has arrived, but I am skeptical how this is going to turn. Lets not make this another “Ed Hardy” fad.. lol.. stay tuned.

Image Alert: Does her opinion MATTER?

Sometimes there is a thin line between dressing to impress and dressing for yourself. We wear clothes based on our personal taste, but we understand every we do is based on image. If we want to get right attention, we much act accordingly; this creates slight double standard among wearing the garment off your back! Sometimes I have observed men have the tendency to dress according towards the attention to women. A woman always want to have a man who is well-kept. Well kept does not mean he has to be into fashion. No dirty nails, good hygiene, clothes ironed, well-groomed and most  important CLEAN SHOES. These are some things us men should be doing to begin with?! who wants to be around someone who does not want to take care of themselves (don’t worry, I’ll wait)?!

Men are slowly taking more attention to the way they are looking. It’s really about making your girl look good. If you actually think about it, women want their arms around some nice as much as we do! I love a woman with her head held high, rocking a mean ass shoe/heel and rocks a garment like no other!

The average man wears his clothes 2 sizes bigger than he should. Wearing your clothes not accordingly can diminish your silhouette. For example, you been working out vigorously to show off your results. How are you going to be show it off with your hideous clothes swallowing your frame? the answer is simple, GET A SMALLER SIZE!!!

Wearing clothes that fit you has nothing to do with your preference as some would may think. It’s ok to get a woman’s advice because she is not going to steer you the wrong way! A woman’s opinion is an honest opinion. Her advice is aimed from her ideal should dress.

I’m a BOSS (tweed)

The Ensemble: Tommy Hilfiger Tweed blazer; Polo shirt; Brooks Brothers Tie; Polo corduroy pants; Murano vest; River Island socks; Calvin Klein Loafers

We have basically surpassed the heart of the fall/winter season. There are some spring/summer birds are not accepting the weather from people like myself. After all, It is the best time to demonstrate your personal style through ( i.e. layering, mixing textures, patterns, etc.) as you beat the cold.

On of the fabrics I was to discuss is twed. This fabric is one of the popular ones which gives you a classical appeal without sacrificing looking like your grandfather (it is very traditional). Besides the Chanel jacket, a tweed blazer is a must have! This menswear staple give you versatility. For example, I love to fuse elements together to incorporate my style. Last I wanted to look like out of a Ralph Lauren ad or a J crew catalog (no pun intended). Afterall, it is very important to apply individual style in the mix. If you are trying to find your way, use those brands’ aesthetic as a template.

Before going to your favorite department store or online site, check out your consignment shops of thrift stores first! This necessity is essential for a couple reasons:

1. Classics never die

2. Wallet-friendly

During off-season, I purchased my  Tommy Hilfiger blazer from a local consignment shop under $40. However, If it ain’t trickin if you got it, by all means splurge on it. You will get your moneys worth for years to come; consider it as an investment.

Rihanna and Kate Moss – Vogue UK


Everyone’s favorite supermodel, Kate Moss and Superstar vixen R&B singer, Rihanna sparking up the fire for  Vogue UK’s November 2012. Photographed by Mario Testino, the risque shoot has truly engaged their inner sexiness with some mean F*&^ faces. It’s not a question whether these two are killing this sultry shoot. I love the contrast of the chic black ensembles and the bubblegum backdrop frames, which adds a sugar and spice effect. Talk about watch the throne for these two. I am not sure if it get any better than this!

Fashion Alert: Nicolas Ghesquiére leaving Balenciaga

Nicolas Ghesquiere leaving the Balenciaga brand was something I was not expecting. To be honest, I am traumatized. Every since 1997, he has taken the brand back to relevancy with his crazy work ethic and extreme lovely designs and fabric, at the age of 23 (not bad for a self-made designer).

I am not sure if I am the only person feeling like this, but I am kinda tired of hearing about this musical chairs shifting one designer to the next fashion house. There has been rumor the departure has been based off of creative differences with Balenciaga’s owner, PPR. I have not been totally amazed about the menswear throughout the past few collections, but the womenswear ready-to-wear collection has always been consistent.  Ghesquiere’s departure from the company will be by the end of the month. Anyone who is taken his place has some big heels shoes to fill in.

“Iron Will”

Rugby Closing

Election Day was a great for some of us Americans (Yeah I voted)… However, some American clothing brands will not be anymore by the end of the year, According to WWD, Ralph Lauren’s younger prep brand Rugby with be shutting down their stores and online shop in early 2013. I must admit this totally sucks the fact this brand will be going down. After all, there were some great collection that came out of this brand. However, the reality is that it doesn’t look much different from the Polo brand.

If you was a smart shopper such as myself, you will be monitoring the sales as the prices begin to drop as the year comes to the end. Get it while you can at

“Iron Will”

Kenneth Cole Collection 2013

I was not expecting this at all! Kenneth Cole Collection for 2013 is definitely dope! This is truly a stylish, yet possess functional pieces which could appeal to a contemporary men. What attracted me the most about the collection was the lovely detail from woven stripe knits to the leather tops. The tailoring screams a fine line between American and European. If you are thinking about the Kenneth Cole at your local department, you must be mistaken. He has decided to upgrade ya (style wise and price wise). These designers coming with bus drivers uppercuts with their fashion tactics. Gotta love it!

image source: GQ

Missoni for Converse 2012 Auckland Racer Sneaker


Converse announces the launch of its Holiday 2012 Missoni for Converse Auckland Racer. Originally designed as a running shoe in the 1970s, the Auckland Racer carries a lineage associated with early pioneers of the jogging movement. The shoe is constructed with black Missoni space-dyed wool and highlighted with pops of metallic copper lamé thread, the result is a three-dimensional texture that is reminiscent of Missoni’s iconic knits. The canvas lining and rubber sole maintain the classic style’s sporty heritage while the 100% wool upper is decidedly modern. A release is set for October 31, 2012 in limited quantities at Missoni boutiques and select Converse First String retailers globally. Retail will be $200 USD

source: Hypebeast

All White Pony Hair Studded Hat

You dont need to have any perfect white weather to cop this dope ass hat from Stampd . This hat has 112 hand screwed matte white pyramid studs on the face of this 5 panel snap back. High Quality grade giraffe speckled pony hair brim and the Dope Collection logo embroidered tonal next to snaps. I would strongly advise you to rock a mean ensemble with this hat. Remember, balance is key! Purchase here

:”Iron Will”