Image Alert: Does her opinion MATTER?

Sometimes there is a thin line between dressing to impress and dressing for yourself. We wear clothes based on our personal taste, but we understand every we do is based on image. If we want to get right attention, we much act accordingly; this creates slight double standard among wearing the garment off your back! Sometimes I have observed men have the tendency to dress according towards the attention to women. A woman always want to have a man who is well-kept. Well kept does not mean he has to be into fashion. No dirty nails, good hygiene, clothes ironed, well-groomed and most  important CLEAN SHOES. These are some things us men should be doing to begin with?! who wants to be around someone who does not want to take care of themselves (don’t worry, I’ll wait)?!

Men are slowly taking more attention to the way they are looking. It’s really about making your girl look good. If you actually think about it, women want their arms around some nice as much as we do! I love a woman with her head held high, rocking a mean ass shoe/heel and rocks a garment like no other!

The average man wears his clothes 2 sizes bigger than he should. Wearing your clothes not accordingly can diminish your silhouette. For example, you been working out vigorously to show off your results. How are you going to be show it off with your hideous clothes swallowing your frame? the answer is simple, GET A SMALLER SIZE!!!

Wearing clothes that fit you has nothing to do with your preference as some would may think. It’s ok to get a woman’s advice because she is not going to steer you the wrong way! A woman’s opinion is an honest opinion. Her advice is aimed from her ideal should dress.

One thought on “Image Alert: Does her opinion MATTER?

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