Bon Qui Qui visits Alexander Wang

A few months ago my lady and myself happened to see Comedian Anjelah Johnson at The Palace in Louisville. Known for her comedic performance via youtube and MADtv, she slayed her portrayal as the banji boriqua, Bon Qui Qui for T by Alexander Wang‘s 2013 spring/summer campaign. She moved on up from fast food to high fashion retail clerk as the new employee for Alexander Wang’s store. Indeed, she does what she do best (being ratchet).  With cameos by Alessandra AmbrosioA$AP Rocky, Shannan Click, Simon Doonan and Natasha Lyonne, this can a great way to express campaign in an unconventional kind of way. I was not expecting this from Alexander Wang. Sometimes we tend to take fashion a little too serious. Laughter is the cure for everything. Lets have fun with fashion!

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Balmain fall/winter 2013 collection lookbook


There have been several collections has caught my eye. However, there is one collection of them all which truly express myself in with my “martial fashion aesthetic”. Balmain‘s lookbook for their new collection is truly an extraordinary work of art. Creative Director Olivier Rousteing infuses Asian-inspired swagger into his empire of luxe leather jackets and biker jeans, resulting in wooly kimonos, ornate red dragon-colored woodblock prints, and Nehru blazers. The karate Gi is used from karate practitioners (karateka) as a uniform. As for modern times, The Kimono is only used in Japanese traditional ceremonies.

Great minds truly think alike (I.E. Yves Saint Laurent with Christian Dior). It’s great to see one of the most prestigious fashion houses expressing an aesthetic close to mine in a much more elaborate way shows I am not alone. Fashion exudes us in many way. This collection is it for me.. I love it!

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Fashion Killa – A$AP Rocky

oki-ni-styled-by-aap-rocky-1Hip-Hop sensation of the moment, A$AP Rocky, has been on popular demand. With his anticipated album released early January, and making appearances to fashion, the harlem native is on his hustle! This time he graced his presence with the high fashion retailer, Oki-Ni, with some dope threads from Raf Simons, Maison Martin Margiela, Paul Smith and Rick Owens (my favorites labels). Sometimes I contemplate how people seriously gag over his sense of style. However, I seriously love his extreme interest and ideology when it comes to fashion. This guy certainly knows his shit and not afraid to show it. Are the clothes are going to get “weirder”? We shall find out?!

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Saint Laurent Paris fall/winter collection 2013


People have been skeptical about the creative shift from Stefano Pilati to Hedi Slimane for the Yves Saint Laurent Saint Laurent Paris label. Given to the reputation, Slimane possesses, I was more eager to see what direction he would offer to the brand. Judging from the upcoming fall/winter 2013 collection, it was not impressing. The looks incorporate a  slim silhouette, with long free-flowing scarves, coats and cape-like ponchos. As we might expect of the season. Besides the muted color palette, the plaid and other patterns are subtle. Opposed to the usual sophistication aesthetic we all have grown to love, this collection is heavily inspired from the 90’s grunge rock band era.

In my opinion, the collection does not fit the Saint Laurent at all. In fact, it appears to be a collage of look from dope-fiend rock-stars . Each garment looks like you can find these at your neighborhood thrift store for under $3.00. If there are any other concerns about the brand, it would be the consumers. This is not a great way to re-introduce the brand to the world. Every designer has their own interpretation in their collections, which should correlate to the label. Unfortunately, this is not an example I would like to give. I rather get similar pieces from American Eagle or Topman..

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Birthday Flow

tom ford chic

This past weekend was my celebration of birthday. Only 3 years shy of 30 and the best way to express that was be on my suit and tie shit! Believe it or not, suits are one fashion ensemble I am extremely critical about. Generally, most men wear their suits a size or 2 larger than they should. Me, on the other hand, wish to capture straight lines at all times. I strongly believe if you are not going to wear a suit right, its best not to wear one at all! The ensemble was completely inspired by the fashion designer/demi-god Tom Ford. I wanted to integrate a high fashion look with my Austin Reed glen plaid suit (I found at a consignment shop for $15.00), with my Hugo Boss gingham shirt, Brooks Brothers Tie and Calvin Klein suede loafers (ebay for $60), Pocket square ( Vintage shades (borrowed from my girlfriend).

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Raf Simons Fall/winter 2013 collection


“I think it’s interesting that it’s very mixed-up,” Raf Simons was saying after a show where every second outfit had something other to say. “You can perceive it in different ways. And that’s been especially my aim in the last couple of years. I don’t want it to be perceived only in one way anymore.” In other words, read what you would into the collection Simons showed tonight. He’d give it all to you. Yes, there was a strong dandy element in spare, slightly A-line coats with an angular tie at the throat. Yes, that was Puss ‘n’ Boots in the cartoon graphic of a jacquard, because Simons said he’d become fascinated by the psychology of cartoon characters like Puss, indomitable in the face of endless uncontrollable setbacks. (Wile E. Coyote also won Raf’s heart.) Yes, there were echoes of early-seventies Bowie-ness in fitted knit vests over baggy trousers. And, for those with a fashion memory, that was Simons’ own past, the Kinetic Youth show of Spring/Summer 1999 to be exact, circling back in the colors—aubergine, beige, yellow, pink, blue—and the proportions.

But the key that truly unlocked the collection might have been the recurring graphic motif of an abstract head framed by a question mark. (It looked a bit like the PBS logo.) “I’ve been questioning the whole idea of what is men’s fashion now, where I would want it to go,” Simons said. First on his hit list was a redefinition of silhouette. “The defined silhouette over the last six or seven years has been very Balenciaga-inspired for everyone, myself included. It’s become a garderobe [a wardrobe] and it doesn’t feel like high fashion that says something to me personally.” Raf’s solution? A shift in volume, away from slim pants and fitted blazers, and a move away from the notion of matching, toward something looser and less controlled, trouser hems touching the floor, sleeves stripped away. Then there were the shirt-cuffs unbuttoned, the collars pointing skyward, the sleeves hastily shoved up. OK, those last flourishes were stylist flimflam, but it wasn’t hard to get the picture. And that picture’s title? Kinetic Youth Returns.

The only other designer asking the questions that Simons asks in the way he asks them is Miuccia Prada, and there were discernible parallels with her work in the collection that he showed tonight. “No bonding, no neoprene, no futurist, just wool and cotton,” he said of his fabrics. Into that, read this: you can go back to go forward. Look at Raf himself. We should all be so happy.


Salvatore Ferragamo 2013 Fall/Winter Collection


Now here’s a collection which is made to last!! The 2013 fall/winter collection for Salvatore Ferragamo gives us the masculine edge with a sophistication. Whenever I look at this collection, I imagine my son being inspired from a great sense of style and eventually inherit from yours truly (I can dream right). The collection defy the rules in terms of color palette. Whoever said black and dark blue should not go together should get out of the stone ages. The dark hues are working together in a harmonious fashion. If I could, I would purchase every garment of this collection.

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Johnathan Saunders fall/winter 2013 collection


The essence of Jonathan Saunders‘ designs has always been sophisticated artifice—painstakingly crafted prints in shades unfamiliar to the natural world—which meant it was inevitable in the act-and-re-act roundelay of fashion that the designer would eventually adopt a contrary position and cast his city slicker out into the great outdoors. So, for Fall 2013, the Saunders man became a nature boy, casual, unbuttoned, freed into a universe colored by sky, forest, and sunset. Saunders the arch-colorist was in full cry in blanket-striped coats and ombré-shaded tops, appropriately rendered in natural fabrics like woolly felts, fuzzy alpaca, and mohair weaves, flannel, and cotton sateens. He claimed inspiration from the artist Olafur Eliasson, who has managed to duplicate some of nature’s grandest effects in his large-scale installations. In particular, it was Eliasson’s match of the natural and the man-made—moss and plastic, say—that captured Saunders’ imagination. He layered a coat in an autumnal burnt orange over a mossy green jacket over a sweatshirt in a laminated wool as shiny black as an oil slick. The result was a winning blend of sharp and easy. And there were Christian Louboutin’s neon-soled slip-ons to guarantee that the designer’s sexy, synthetic edge was still served. After all, can you really picture Saunders himself capering through the countryside?


Jil Sander 2013 fall/winter collection


Jil Sander’s 2013 fall/winter collection has an array of attitudes ranging from tall collars, double-breasted coats, and strong reds and greens featured heavily throughout. The bold Blues and vibrant Reds is what stood out to me the most. Patterns and textures also made a strong appearance with a wide selection of pinstripes, checks and chunky knits. I am not sure if this is my favorite collection from the brand. For example, I don’t know how to feel about the sleeveless sweaters. Honestly, everything else looks great. Something is telling me its not what I get excited for when Raf Simons was at the creative director seat. I am just saying..

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Fendi 2013 Fall/Winter Collection


Fendi‘s winter took inspiration from the Nordic aesthetic for their upcoming fall/winter collection. Its aesthetic is reflected from the heavy furs and wool due to the region’s in-climate weather. Chunky knits, parkas and Icelandic fisherman’s coats were showcased in earth tones. The garments were also accentuated with great textures. To soften up the approach of the collection were the wool suit layered with slim topcoats and satin-lapeled tuxedos.

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Roberto Cavalli Fall 2013 Menswear Collection


Besides my birthday coming up, I would think fashion week is one of the best parts of starting the year off right. We get the chance to see fresh ideas each designer brings to the table. One of the designers who never fail to impress me is Roberto Cavalli. Due to his recent illness, his son, Daniele Cavalli, has taken the throne to deliver this collection. There is something about the designer’s fall collections which my stylish conscious mind break me down to my knees as if I was getting sidekick’d in the stomach. His cool choice of colors create a discreet volume of movement. Seeing the geometric printed shirts layered under exotic skin sleeved outerwear of Crocodile/fur leaves a subtle balanced look.

Daywear is not existant within the collection. Judging from the colors of choice, it appears the designer has a taste for the nightlife. Honestly, I don’t think that is a problem since the dark hues can be applied to according to its respective season of wear.

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its retro…. its effortless.. so chic


134379-800w134380-800wThe ever-secretive Tom Ford (who, as it happens, is approaching Fall ’13 much less secretively with a full-on fashion show during London Fashion Week in February) has given a first look at his Spring ’13 campaign. As in seasons past, Ford lensed the ads himself. With an air of retro futurism, the shots are sleek, sexy, and sophisticated—not unlike the mirror dress and gold bondage shoes (yes, the same pair Anne Hathaway wore in vegan-friendly black to her Les Mis premiere) Karlina Caune dons in the ad. The men’s images feature Simon Van Meervenne sprawled out in a silver suit. Ford’s spring campaign will launch this week on his website, and hit magazines in March.

Credits for this picture:

Tom Ford (Designer)

Tom Ford (Photographer)

Orlando Pita (Hair Stylist)

Charlotte Tilbury (Makeup Artist)

Other people in this campaign:
Karlina Caune – Model

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