Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 collection


In the urban high fashion world, I question how long would it take for Givenchy pose as fashion’s  “man’s best friend” will cease. There is no shade to the designer hustler of the year, Riccardo Tisci, but perhaps am I the first fashion blogger to actually make a statement behind the barking madness of the fashion label. Showcasing the images for the pre-fall 2013 collection, it appears the collection has switched dogs, but fail to switch its kennel regarding to style. Thanks to certain celebrities for bring Givenchy to the urban demographic, it has been the label to fetch to for a while. I can’t see how some of these hypebeast purchase some of these overpriced recycled-looked items.

The past few collection has practically been extremely similar!  As of lately, fashion trends has been taken on the extended tip far as trends. This gives the fashionista more than enough time to indulge the “on-trend” items. His construction is great like no other, but I only wish to see some more tricks thrown in the upcoming collections. Far as inspiration and branding, I am a big fan of Riccardo Tisci. If there is any consolation to the collection, The outwear and footwear are great! I also liked the plaid shirts as well.. Just curious when they are going to Michael Vick the dog trend (no pun intended)..

“Iron Will”

image source: GQ

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