African Queen???? Please…


Let the fashion drama of 2013 begin!! Recently, fashion model Ondria Hardin; she’s drenched in bronzer in an editorial for Numéro magazine called “African Queen” . When it comes to the racial card, this can EASILY be shown as disrespectful. Honestly, I am very much between the fence in regards to this image captured. On one hand, I believe this appears to be a beautiful homage of a model taken a homage towards black women. The world must know there is nothing like a black woman. Before you jump the gun at me, please note if there was a flavor category of women at Baskin Robbins, I would love everyone flavor!

However, What irritates me is the inability to find a black model to do the shoot. Since there are a high percentage of white models in the fashion industry, every major modeling agency has more than a handful of black models. Having some a black model would be lemonade opposed to the lemons squeezed to have a white model in the shoot. It would have suffice if there was a light skinned black model? Ironically, there are white Africans, but they are white! For example, Charlize Thereon is an extraordinary beautiful woman, but she is a white African.

While we have some of the most iconic black women in pop culture “domesticating” their ethnic image from their original origin, this image is no different. How about using a model of the exact origin and there would be no problems for anyone. Its disrespectful the black models who have sacrificed and help pave the way for others to follow their footsteps. case closed..

“Iron Will”



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