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DSCN1075The ensemble: Shirt: Yves Saint Laurent; Jacket: Forever 21; Chinos: Polo Ralph Lauren; Shoes: Maison Martin Margiela 22; Shades: Tom Ford

This past weekend, I met up with a colleague (my photographer) and one of my close martial arts friend whose modeling on a photoshoot for my upcoming t-shirt label, Xiaolin Lotus. I don’t want to give out too much information (Instead, there will be more material at the end); however, I must say it was a great success! All events does not go according to plan. One of the models was not able to show up. Besides on certain circumstances, I was not happy how unprofessional it was. Needless to say, it was a blessing in disguise because the shoot was in and out! Afterwards it was great to catch up with them and express my gratitude for helping out of the two things I am passionate about, martial arts and fashion!

DSCN1071 DSCN1072 DSCN1073

I seriously love working with Renesha (the photographer). She is probably one of the most humble and open-minded people I have ever met. This is perhaps our 4th projekt together. Our artistic chemistry is always head on. It’s almost like finishing someone’s sentence. Challenging ones creativity in friendly competitive way. Her artistic ability is increasing at a progressive pace. Can’t wait to show everyone what is next!


“Iron Will”

Joie De Viere – NFocus Magazine

joie de vivre

When most people think about Louisville,Ky, They mainly think about Muhammad Ali, Kentucky Derby, Tobacco and country folk. Out of all these things, they would never thought about  anything CREATIVE. Not everyone in Kentucky chews tobacco and walk around barefooted. Project Runway season 10 contestant and Louisville resident, Gunnar Deatherage joined forces with local photographer extraordinaire Clay Cook for the latest issue of Nfocus Magazine. This issue covers an interview of the local designer collaboration with major department store, Dillards. What I find very mind bloggling is the fashion spread is apart of a FREE magazine! Last time I remember art given for free was Frank Ocean’s mixtape banger “Nostalgia, Ultra” (that was a hit album by the way). I love the juxtaposition of the bright color palette denotes spring time. The garments strike a nostalgic european vibe. I love showing the work of local artist doing great work!

Photography: Clay Cook
Photography Post: Chris Miske
Creative Direction and Styling: Gunnar Deatherage
Model: Amanda Limer (Heyman Talent)
Art Direction: Derek Potter
Hair: Gunnar Deatherage
Makeup: Isidro Valencia
Assistant: Hilary Vonderheide
Wardobe: Boutique Serendipity
Location: Hertz Starks Building

“Iron Will”

Tiger Knee!!


The worlds of martial arts and fashion are slowly coming together. This label, Mohsin is another perfect example. Titled “In Honor of The King,” MOHSIN executes a monochromatic lookbook for Fall/Winter 2013 influenced by the Thailand martial art, Muay Thai. Drawing from the sport’s focal point with the Muay Thai shorts without dismissing the fashion from the collection which features oversize quilted coats next to detachable capes and fleece jackets and Muay Thai cashmere shorts.

Image source

“Iron Will”


Fashion’s Night Out 2013… cancelled


Me and my lady have not gotten the chance to make it to the previous fashion’s night out in New York City. In 2013, we were going to actually make the initiative to attend the fashion festivities among the other fashion lovers such as ourselves. Right before I was in the order of making an arrangment to purchase a flight ticket, there was a post on complex discussing the event to be postponed… WTF?!?!?!??!?!??!

according to source, Since 2009, Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and NYC & Co. have sponsored the one night frenzy of shopping in which designers and retailers host miniature parties and deals in storefronts all over Manhattan. The goal was to jump-start the fashion industry and downtown NYC out of the recession, and raise money for the NYC Aids Fund.

But in light of grumblings from the brands and stores that aren’t sure if FNO is profitable for them, the event’s sponsors have pulled the plug…for now. Instead of throwing a blanket event, individual businesses will decide when and how to engage with consumers at the beginning of New York Fashion Week in September. So now it’s up to you on how to get ratchet downtown this September.

well this completely blows like a groupie trying to get on the come up! Just when I started to get excited and had to hear about this news. To some extent, I can imagine the likely hood of them pulling the plug. Fashionistas and hypebeast rejoicing on the streets of New York waiting to be seen as if they are going to be in a magazine or front row at a fashion show whereas the sponsors are seeking to make a profit out of the event. I can’t blame them for pulling the plug when a surplus of people loitering instead of contributing.

From a consumer’s perspective, how often does a person get the chance to fellowship in holy fashion matrimony hosted by the creme de la creme of the fashion echelon. Everyone in America wanna be next to something important. #kanyeshrug

“Iron Will”

Back to the Basics

karate chop

Nowadays, I have not gotten the chance to train with anyone else. I must admit it has been a very frustrated experience balancing work, curate my upcoming label and being with my little family. For example, there is no one available to critique you (determine you what you are doing wrong or what you can improve, declined sense of timing, etc.) it sucks.. some times life sucks as well. On the contrary, it ultimately depends on your interpretation of life. Recently, a testimony begin to marinate in my subconscious mind exploding into the unfathomable appreciation of my current position. One word to describe it, rediscovery.

While training, I had to become realistic based on my techniques. Like fashion, martial arts correlates to the concept of “less is more”. We always reflect back to the basics which has allowed to open the door of our progression. These very same basics are built our journey in learning ourselves. its helps us strength our techniques and evolve into advance technique (i.e. martial arts tricking and locks and traps).

From a sport martial arts aspect, I always felt compelled to always execute multiple kicking. Instead, I micro-analyzed everything from my footwork to my striking (speed and power). This process was treated as if a tailor would curate a couture dress or a bespoken suit. In fashion terms, these items are made to only fit that particular individual.  I never realized how great it felt to strictly work on basics techniques on another level. we try to work on things we find to be attractive. Somethings we find attractive isn’t compatible to our built. Perfect what’s made particularly for yourself.

I look at the fighters and form practitioners I admired throughout the years. Often times, I would imitate those moves based of its cosmetic effect to my eye. When I have been frustrated why things have not worked out to my advantage is because I never tried to work out my basics to that extreme higher level until now. Of course, I have improved in training, physically. On other hand, it’s that training for what is fit for you and making it your own. Developing that exploding feeling of a backfist and a solid side kick striking the heavy bag helped me realize it. This is something no one had to tell me. This is something I discovered all on my own. That’s the hidden beauty some of us never tend discover from ourselves. It’s not a martial arts testimony, but a life testimony.

“Iron WIll”

Downtown Louisville Art Gazing


Fridays are always good for a reason. Not only its the start of the weekend,but liberation from the 9 to 5 world. It’s refreshing to release your mind from your regular day-to-day life of working for the man. in 2013, I am seeking to make a change about that! seeing art is where the inspiration begins. The art event at the land of tomorrow was where me and couple members of Projekt: F.O.N. The hipster spot when you got the chance rock on to eclectic music and gaze through visual pieces. It was like Utopia.

Since I was going to an art gallery with some colleagues, I would have thought it would be great to given a classic look. I wanted to accent my black and white ensemble with my clear glasses (an homage to Andy Warhol). Something which gave an understated, yet artistic appeal.

My ensemble: Blazer: Express; Jeans: Michael Kors; Turtleneck: Vintage; Loafers: Salvatore Ferragamo; Glasses: Forever 21

“Iron Will”