Nonchalant Elegance


David Gandy is perhaps one of the very few male models who consistently bring elegance and style. There is a sense of nonchalance and confidence with the popped collar. Recently I have decided to change my style by implying dapper ensembles once or twice a week. Its great to change it up. In David Gandy, we trust..

The floral connection



it has been confirmed the high fashion menswear e-commerce site, Mr Porter was collaborating with a few designers on capsule collections to be sold exclusively online. The list included the likes of Alexander Wang, Beams Plus, and, of course, Raf Simons.

Simons’ menswear lines have been impressive thus far, constantly getting co-signs from A$AP Rocky and plenty of other celebrities. His collection for Mr Porter isn’t far from that of his Spring/Summer 2013 collection for his eponymous line, which caught the eye of the e-commerce shop’s senior buyer, Terry Betts. “”Raf’s use of color and Kurt Cobain-inspired grunge florals combined to make his SS13 show one of our favorites,” Betts told i-D magazine.

There are dressier garments, as well as sweatshirts, tees, and jackets to suit your more casual days. See the collection in all its glory in this spread shot by Jeff Hahn. Available on Mr Porter starting May 28


Its a graduation; celebration bitches!!

931242_10100580119897254_152841095_nMy little family decided to make an attendance for my father’s graduation ceremony. My father graduated from the University of Louisville with his BSW  (bachelors in social work). His determination derived from a place where opportunities were famished due to the surrounding of drug dealing and violence. Hustlers have to make a dollar by any means necessary. Fortunately, my father saw the light and took an exodus of that lifestyle years ago. I am not sure whether or not, this was because he became a father or the relentless effort to improve himself?  I think it’s a blend of both. Now, he manages to dedicate himself to helps from similar situations with degree and pursuing his Masters. Good well done!


my son (rocking the Burberry) and I took a brief pit stop for a snap shot.. For my look, I wanted to go with an informal sophisticated look consisted of classical pieces with a touch of color. Mixture of high and low items from Polo (shirt and chinos), Target (navy blazer), Tie (vintage), and velvet brown oxfords (Maison Martin Margiela)


My lady and our son leaving the graduation in her Prabal Grung shirt dress, Louis Vuitton purse, and black suede wedges.

“Iron Will”

Unofficial Face of Menswear – Adrianne Ho

adrianne-ho-unoffical-face-of-streetwear-menswear-4Some times I strongly believe women rock menswear is better than us men. It does sound a bit awkward, but it is the truth (i.e. smoking suit for Yves Saint Laurent). You could always see labels such as Dsquared2, Dries Van Noten, and others embraced womenswear pieces from their collection.  How can a woman transform a masculine ensemble without sacrificing her femininity to create her own? Adrianne Ho recently did an interview with super street wear website, Hypebeast, in regards to her modeling journey (on the other hand, I am discussing the styling).

The Toronto native whose under Ford Models NYC and Next Management LA model is the new “It Girl”. She is called an “anti-heroin chic model” and a woman who represents the intersection of power, independence, sexuality, all within connections to the city in a relevant way whereas she is labeled the unofficial streetwear/menswear face of the moment. Streetwear labels like Supreme and Stussy, and Nike layered with current hot menswear designers such as Mark McNairy. Men staple pieces from Hoodies, sneakers, bomber, varsity jackets,sweats, jerseys, and baggy t-shirts were displayed in a contemporary feel.

We are slowly living in a world of diversity. Androgynous garments are on a rise. Once upon a time, it was totally unacceptable for either genders to express themselves through clothing. Personally, I don’t care what a person wears long as they make it their own. I know men who wear dresses. would I do that? Hell to the NO. At the end of the day, do you! It was taboo for men to wear pink lol. Do whatever floats your boat; If you are happy, then I am happy. Women rock menswear pieces from boyfriend jeans, blazers, and footwear everyday. Menswear compliments Adrianne quite well.

“Iron Will”

Image Source: Hypebeast

Homecoming Ceremony

mastersThe grandmaster’s memorial service was held this past weekend. There was no shadow of a doubt I attended to show my respects. Along my visit to the service, I got the chance to speak to some old faces and met some new faces as well. I must admit it is not a great moment to meet other martial artists based on certain circumstances. However, my main concern about the martial arts community was its current direction. I always asked myself when the elders are gone, who were going to become their successors? Once that torch is passed down, will we be able to evolve the art beyond what they have given to us. It was an interesting topic as I spoke with several other masters about the subject, which inspired me as I walk into my quest to evolve. Many people love to ride the coat-tail of another person’s success (or skill). The secret is you have to make your own.

One person who walked away and marked his own path was my instructor, Keith Price. Controversial sparked among his colleagues from his departure. On the other hand, it helped other martial artist such as myself. His unconventional methods are one of the reason how I determine expectations. Honestly, I had an underline disagreement with him within the past few years because of my relentless dedication to the art.  I always wanted to more from his teachings and felt it was unrecognized. The last thing we want to happen as artist is place our fate in someone’s hands. After the passing of my brother, it was best for me to search for it on my own. Living tomorrow is never promised. I had a success in discovering the art from another level. A discovery no one can take away from me.Tackling the nucleus of the art was my true key to evolve. Sadly, one can never grow without studying the roots.

Our society is so focus on dealing with being relevant at the current state of time. Never do we seek to polish our craft so it could resonate through out time. A skill which no one can not deny. The chains of justification can no longer cast a burden. This is what I see our direction in the community (as well as society).  However, my progression will unable to seek fruition if there is an ounce of resentment. Discussing those issues were the way to progress. In the result, I have made amends with him. As the casket was brought down by the steps of the church,  I have seen the faces of my fellow brother with such hurt. The hurt was not solely on the lost of our grandmaster, but the lost of the compass they relied on forever.

This is what worries me. We can not expect people to hold our hand in our journey for ever. The bird leaves its nest sooner or later. Out of all the living species, how many do see them taking of their offspring throughout time. The answer is none.. We have to push forward to grow. We have to want it for ourselves. I love the new faces of fellow martial artists who are on the same pursuit as mine. Our elders would appreciate their legacy continues to inspire others.

“Iron Will”

The Prophet of Martial Arts- Grandmaster Henry Cook.

sifu cook
When it rains, it pours. My spirit was heartbroken due to the news of my grandmaster recently passed. For years, I always heard many extraordinary stories about him with my sifu. I knew he was great because he taught my instructor. How can a small frail man be so powerful and skill? the truth skill has absolutely NOTHING to do with size and strength. It’s in the spirit of the individual. The warrior spirit has no discrimination; therefore, he was epitome of that!

cookGrandmaster Henry Cook was (always will be) one of the patriarchs of the martial arts/science community in Louisville. The martial arts community is molded by his knowledge, integrity, and skill. The 7 Wind Flying Fist System was founded on June 29, 1973 by Grandmaster Henry Cook, who is well versed in the field of martial arts. His knowledge of both Martial Science and combat were outstanding.

The grandmaster and myself (along with my son) several years ago.

The grandmaster and myself (along with my son) several years ago.

Grandmaster Cook was all about the life of budo (the martial way)! There was never a moment how love of the art did not express him.  Despite his heavy training  He gave significantly back to community increase awareness for women to protect themselves in domestic violence, rape, etc. During the 70s and 80s, he created the Nightwatch, an organization whose target goal was to protect the people in their neighborhood. Throughout the years, he has achieved many awards and build a great rapport throughout the region. A fighter who lived 25 years after the doctors told him he was not going to make. He managed to inspire many more people (including myself) through the course of those years. As your spirit resonate through many of us, you and your teachings will never be forgotten.

En Noir with Ssense

slide-1-0  I love the direction Ssense has done to their website. Not only are they selling some of the best ready to wear garments, they are also giving FREE editorials looks. This particular shoot is fantastic! Styled with some of the hottest labels such as Rick Owens, Givenchy, and Raf Simons, it gives street style fashion! The gloomy and melancholy backgrounds truly embraces the street goth aesthetic, which is effortless and stylish.

Is this the end of magazine subscriptions because I am starting to see more fashion retail websites follow suit. People able to see editorial quality shoots far less than the publications. Despite the slow progression of the economy, it still doesn’t beat people trying to find a small substitute to save money (even if they spending it all on high fashion goods)slide-2-0 slide-2-1 slide-3-0 slide-6-0

image source

All Eyes of Me

Due to the excessive hip hop artist and hypebeast rocking the vintage Versace on these mean streets, feast your eyes on this! Late rapper, Tupac Shakur, walking down the runway for the late Gianni Versace. Riccardo Tisci wasn’t the first fashion designer to fully embrace hip hop into the high fashion world (besides Tommy Hilfiger).

“Iron WIll”

The New Old Fashioned

2This week is the a pretty much a huge deal in the city. The Kentucky Derby occurs during the first weekend of May every year. Many of the A-List (also the B,C, and D list) celebrities visit Louisville for our annual festivities, which consists of horse races, pretentious lavish parties, fashion shows, etc. There is a particular iconography reflects around the derby. grandiose hats, floral and pastel colors for the women while you embracing the conservative staples of seersucker suits and tribly hats for the men. Honestly, it’s too predictable and so boring.


I understand its iconography, but can we please stop “playing it safe” with the old fashion ensembles. Sadly, there is nothing vintage chic about these looks. Fortunately, a local fashion stylist, Fitz Fitzgerald, of the voice tribune provided a revamp take on the old fashion derby look and provided a contemporary twist. It’s great to be a little old fashion, but stay slightly up to date. Due to the anticipated release of The Great Gatsby, it was no brainer to curate a shoot intertwine with our annual festive event. Personally, I love how he use each ensemble had its own sense of identity without losing its harmony.  It’s all in the matter of knowing your menswear essentials and add your interpretation.


Creative Direction/Styling: Fitz Fitzgerald

Wardrobe: Dillards, Macys, Nitty Gritty

Lens: Cristy Elaine

“Iron Will”