High Fashion Sneakers for Adidas.. Yay or Nay???


Raf Simons + Adidas

It has appears Adidas has been adding more designers into their roster. The shoe and clothing brand has been known for their collaborations with SLVR, Opening Ceremony and Yohji Yamamoto with Y-3. Now, Rick Owens and Raf Simons has gone aboard to design for them as well. One thing I would like to say is everything designer doesn’t mean its going to be dope, no shade. For example, I have absolutely have no comprehension besides the fashion hypebeasts to be purchase some sneakers which look like orthopedic shoes with horse hoofs.

Rick Owens for Adidas

                                                    Rick Owens for Adidas

These very same designers I truly admire and have captivating collections who inspire creative individuals to understand fashion beyond the garments themselves. Honestly, these designers we discussing don’t even find inspiration from garments themselves. Instead, it’s the architectural, visual art and furniture designs. Often times, their visions can easily be backfired. If anyone has been paying attention to the recent collections, Raf Simons included the footwear for Adidas into his collection. There are some unique design approaches such as the “shoe-in-shoe” concept, while unveiling new styles for greater variance and depth. The colorful sneakers are unisex in numerous colorways and various styles. Despite this is an Adidas sneaker, you can still see its aesthetic and breaking border shapes for definitely Raf Simons.


Raf Simons + Adidas

Out of the sneakers from Raf Simons, I am feeling only a couple of sneakers from the collection. Clearly, this is not like a sneaker for any or everyone when it come  to design. I skeptical to see how well these will sell. When it comes to the avant-garde, I am all for it. At the end of the day, I am not fully sure if the world is truly ready for these next generation sneakers (at least in American pop culture).

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“Iron Will”

Daft Punk Gets Lucky for American Vogue

Daft Punk and Supermodel Karlie Kloss for Vogue

Daft Punk and Supermodel Karlie Kloss for Vogue

Daft Punk has been treated quite well so far in 2013! First, they had a rock’d out feature with Saint Laurent Paris campaign, launched a hit album and produced 4 tracks for the “hate it or absolutely love it” album, Yeezus. Now, the french electronic duo paired with supermodel Karlie Kloss in a chic for the upcoming August 2013 Vogue Issue. Through the lens of Craig McDean,, the trio explored through the city and music studio with captivated techno edgy chic ensembles of Lanvin, Givenchy, Vera Wang and Alexander McQueen while they are harmonized with subtle minimal suits. Out of the entire shoot, I love how Vogue manages to create ensemble style friendly for each age group.

Daft Punk and Supermodel Karlie Kloss for Vogue

Daft Punk and Supermodel Karlie Kloss for Vogue

I must admit these robots guys know how to rock some nice suits! who would ever thought that was case because I am sold!! One thing about Daft Punk is they are truly honest about their material.. No fucks are given when its comes to artistic control from label heads and critics alike. Overall, this is a pretty dope spread and can’t wait what else they may “get lucky” with in 2013!

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“Iron Will”

H&M’s Web-Store Confirmation

hm-pano_25032H&M has always had an online presence, but try to buy something from the fast fashion brand’s website, and you will get sent straight to the nearest store. An online shop was  always the downfall of the brand. It was first reported that the date for the launch of the much-anticipated feature would be around June 2013. Unfortunately, we surpassed mid July!

On the other hand, there has been notification the fast fashion brand will be launching their US web store in August. Honestly, that’s that shit which pisses me off. It has been speculation the brand were going to launch a store in Louisville this fall. Soon as we gotten our wish from rubbing the fashion genie bottle, the web store will be launched around the same time. I suppose its better late than never. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

“Iron Will”


Black Scale – Fall 2013 lookbook

81565x423After releasing a summer 2013 lookbook that caught everyone off-guard, Black Scale returns with a fall 2013 lookbook that’s a little less weird. Edgy imagery depicting borderline occult themes and dark vibes put the brand back on track to what we know them best for. The upcoming season offers a strong selection of varsity jackets and sweaters that fans should get excited about. There are plenty of plays on prints, including of-the-moment paisley, snakeskin, stained-glass patterns, knit prints, and leopard patterns.

As fall gets near, closer and more detailed images of the items should appear. Don’t sleep on any of these pieces. Judging by this lookbook, the collection looks solid.


The trailblazers of “All Black Everything”

yoI find it amazing how much this street goth or “all black everything” trend has been spreading like wildfire! One thing about fashion (particularly modern fashion) is the shit isn’t new. For example, we always commend the leaders of pop culture to decide what we should wear to adjust to modern-day cultures. We never acknowledge those designers who were daring to go against the norm such as pastel colors in the spring or luscious colors that radiates as you strutting across the room. Designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo, and among others who took the anti-fashion (in their terms) route injecting abyss hues to their collections long ago. Are designers like Yohji Yamamoto seen as influential regards the “all black everything” movement? Absolutely!

Afterall, they were very important in the evolution of modern fashion throughout the 80s by crediting the predominance of black color palettes. Rei and Yohji’s exploration of black essentially defined the all-black, ‘art-world’ look going on in New York during that time. Today, people don’t know the influence people like Yohji have had on the clothing they all wear. there are certain kinds of cuts, fits (e.g. over-sized and deconstructed garments, elastic waist pants, etc.) that have been swept up by American manufactures and are seen in everything, an example would be sweat clothes.

I believe Japanese designers are the reason it’s cool to wear over-sized all black outfits that people like Rick Owens or Gareth Pugh are expressed at the magnitude it does today.

The 3 Button Vengeance


It’s amazing how the fashion cycle functions! One trend is out whereas there’s that ” it item” to obtain. With that being said, I remember not to long ago 3 button jackets (i.e. suits, blazers, sport-coats, etc) were frowned upon because they were considered outdated. To be honest, I have also fallen for that sartorial trap (within the exception of my Thom Browne blazer for Neiman Marcus Target collection). On the flip side, revolutionary designers such Junya Wantanabe, Raf Simons, and Dior Homme decided to fight against the fashion norm while challenging its “sartorial etiquette” .  In fact, they have been embracing this for the past few seasons in their collections. Based on proper suiting, its been a golden rule to only button the middle button (occasionally the first 2) and never button all three! However, these designers counter attacked with the utilization of all three! It does look appealing, but its not for everyone. I question whether if this will strike a vengeance as a major trend for others to fall sheep for or another trend to defy the old-fashioned rules (i.e. not wearing white after labor day).

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Sometimes I don’t get the pleasure of hanging out with some old friends. My good friend (brother from another mother) decided to come in town from Indianapolis to pay a visit. On a random day, you have to search for these things to do in Louisville. It’s best to stick to your guns and find something artistically creative. Gaining inspiration from some dope exhibits would certainly do the trick!


Sidebar: Cuong and I (along with my brother) both played saxophone in high school. Two video game geeks playing covers from our favorite RPG games in our spare time lol. Those were the good times because they were absolutely no worries and no fucks given. He has always talked about designing video games. Ironically, he obtained his degree in digital animation whereas he’s starting to do projects for independent video game companies. Dude is really trying to do his thing!


There is a trend about “no new friends” or whatnot, but sometimes you have to erase the old friends who hindering your progress. Fortunately, it is not the case with him. I admire his ambition and hustle towards his art. In reality, our friendship has grown on another level because we are searching beyond greatness!

5595_10200575157115686_1061142324_nLocation: 21c, Louisville

“Iron Will”

Industry Night

me and my lady..

My lady and myself decided to step out in style at a local “industry gathering” hosted by a couple of my good friends from Glass Label. The idea of the gathering was to have local creative people network in a social setting. Creativity was from photography, film, modeling, styling, fashion, music, etc. It was great to see some old faces and new faces (contacts as well). Another good night with people who knew how to have fun!


Remembering Jim Kelly

ap27867346147My heart was heavy to receive the news about one of my martial arts heroes, Jim Kelly, went to warrior heaven this past weekend. Jim Kelly was most famous for his role as the swagadelic martial arts fighter, Williams in “Enter the Dragon“. The Kentucky native also appears in numerous Blaxploitation films (i.e. Hot Potato, Black Samurai, Tattoo Connection, 3 the hard way) where he possessed martial art skill, style and swagger to overcome his oppressors by any means necessary (no pun intended). Above everything else, I loved his catchy phrases such as, “You come right out of a comic book” or ” When it comes, I won’t even notice because I will be too busy looking good”. The role in the Bruce Lee film was his second.In recent years, he was a particular celebrity fixture at various comic book conventions.

He started studying martial arts in 1964 in Kentucky and later moved to California where he earned a black belt in karate.His interest in acting began after winning karate tournaments. He also played college football at the University of Louisville. What baffles me about Sifu Kelly was the fact we didn’t see enough of him. True story, There are enough black martial art heroes to look up! It has been stated Hollywood was NOT ready for a black action hero, which caused a deep emotional inflicting wound to continue film during that time. Fortunately, we have other black martial arts actors such as Michael Jai White and Wesley Snipes who keeps the art true and create avenues for future martial art actors. His last appearance was from a Lebron James’ Nike “Chamber of Fear” commercial back in 2004.

As a child, I am beyond pleased my mother raised me on a person who shared my same interest as myself and someone else (besides my father and martial arts instructor) to look up to in the big screen. His work will never be forgotten.

“Iron Will”

This image was done by my cousin, James Mason of Urban Shogun. visit his webiste at www.urbanshogun.com

This image was done by my cousin, James Mason of Urban Shogun. visit his webiste at http://www.urbanshogun.com