The trailblazers of “All Black Everything”

yoI find it amazing how much this street goth or “all black everything” trend has been spreading like wildfire! One thing about fashion (particularly modern fashion) is the shit isn’t new. For example, we always commend the leaders of pop culture to decide what we should wear to adjust to modern-day cultures. We never acknowledge those designers who were daring to go against the norm such as pastel colors in the spring or luscious colors that radiates as you strutting across the room. Designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo, and among others who took the anti-fashion (in their terms) route injecting abyss hues to their collections long ago. Are designers like Yohji Yamamoto seen as influential regards the “all black everything” movement? Absolutely!

Afterall, they were very important in the evolution of modern fashion throughout the 80s by crediting the predominance of black color palettes. Rei and Yohji’s exploration of black essentially defined the all-black, ‘art-world’ look going on in New York during that time. Today, people don’t know the influence people like Yohji have had on the clothing they all wear. there are certain kinds of cuts, fits (e.g. over-sized and deconstructed garments, elastic waist pants, etc.) that have been swept up by American manufactures and are seen in everything, an example would be sweat clothes.

I believe Japanese designers are the reason it’s cool to wear over-sized all black outfits that people like Rick Owens or Gareth Pugh are expressed at the magnitude it does today.


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