H&M’s New Edition… Cos


It is common for companies establishing different echelons of fashion chains. For example, you have Old Navy, The Gap and Banana Republic. Each store has a specific demographics and various prices point to attract everyone. When it comes to the swedish fast fashion brand, H&M. Who would have known? Although there has been speculation,  the release of its so called little big brother brand was not declared official. The new sibling company goes by the name of Cos.

According through various sources , a new store will be opening in SoHo owned by the people who own H&M. The clothes are supposed to be a more fashionable and better quality opposed to their counterpart; therefore, the garments are more expensive. Judging from the collection featured, it does possess a much thorough European approach. We all love the pricing at H&M; however, clothes appears slight more towards every wear with a stylish touch, but Cos is runway ready! At the current moment, you would have to live in Europe to process for any of the items. I truly don’t understand how an e-commerce site would not allow us Americans to get our palms on their latest product. Hopefully they don’t take forever like to create one like H&M did.

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