This is the first time martial arts and fashion being infused ! Its all about the essence of our craft, which ultimately defines our persona. Not only are we chic or fighters within our own right, but also people are expressive who are willing to change the world around us! embrace the DO within you! “To live is to EXPRESS and to express is to CREATE”- Bruce Lee

Wu: the prefix from the style, wu-shu is translated as combat arts. combat is another term for Martial.

Chic: do I really have to explain that one (lol).. sike naw, but those are not into fashion, the term chic is reference towards stylish, trendy, etc. Chic is used quite often in the fashion world.

Do: Pronounced as “Dough” in various martial art style. It means the way (lifestyle).

So there you have it, you see what the term actually means, which the website is reflects. Updating quite frequently!

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