Abstract expressionism

Earlier within the week, I forget to make an outfit post. Balance is essential in everyday life. I personally love to apply high fashion pieces with high street garments. Never wanna give myself the impression of being a frivolous label whore. A classic chambray shirt I got on sale from express pair with some 👖 slim cut #20jeans, this abstract raf by #rafsimons t shirt 👕, and my favorite black #maisonmartinmargiela leather and suede trainers 👟. Depending on the proportions, it can deliver either a laid back urban/grungy vibe.


Accessories can always transform an ensemble for better👍 or worse 👎! My new purchases from #ASOS came in the mail 📫. I couldn’t help to purchase these and pocket square. Both possess a subtle classic appeal for the modern #gentleman. The metallic frames give a little bit of a futuristic touch 👌.

“Iron Will”

Floral Monday

Mondays have the stigma as the downfall of the new week. We turn up on weekends but turn down on Monday.. Personally, I’m trying look at it from a different point of view (may be temporary).Having our new edition (child) slowly approaching, I think to it’s best to be optimistic more frequently. A great way for me to express in stylish manner is with my outfit: 👕 – #balenciaga : 👖 – #oldnavy : 👟 – #maisonmartinmargiela : 👓 – #johnvarvatos .. The floral t shirt was a great way to reflect my optimistic spirit towards a bright week!

Shade blocking


This winter has been a beast. I am not sure how I can maintain to this madness. The best thing about the winter is the ability to layer up! For example, today I have decided to rock my something basic but let the colors do the talking. Spring and summer are not the only seasons to wear color. Wearing color during the cold months must be subtle. It’s alright to have a pop of color every now and again.

Ironically, color blocking weren’t my intentions. However, this azure blue peacoat from Asos heighten the color palette of the dark green shirt from Express finished off with my slim cut jeans from Old Navy and green suede trainers by Maison Martin Margiela. Blending high and low fashion is the best. It keeps you grounded!

My Label projekt

DSCN1075The ensemble: Shirt: Yves Saint Laurent; Jacket: Forever 21; Chinos: Polo Ralph Lauren; Shoes: Maison Martin Margiela 22; Shades: Tom Ford

This past weekend, I met up with a colleague (my photographer) and one of my close martial arts friend whose modeling on a photoshoot for my upcoming t-shirt label, Xiaolin Lotus. I don’t want to give out too much information (Instead, there will be more material at the end); however, I must say it was a great success! All events does not go according to plan. One of the models was not able to show up. Besides on certain circumstances, I was not happy how unprofessional it was. Needless to say, it was a blessing in disguise because the shoot was in and out! Afterwards it was great to catch up with them and express my gratitude for helping out of the two things I am passionate about, martial arts and fashion!

DSCN1071 DSCN1072 DSCN1073

I seriously love working with Renesha (the photographer). She is probably one of the most humble and open-minded people I have ever met. This is perhaps our 4th projekt together. Our artistic chemistry is always head on. It’s almost like finishing someone’s sentence. Challenging ones creativity in friendly competitive way. Her artistic ability is increasing at a progressive pace. Can’t wait to show everyone what is next!


“Iron Will”

Working …


The Ensemble: Leather Jacket, ASOS; T Shirt: Raf Simons; Black Sweatpants; Sneakers: Jeremy Scott by Adidas; Vest: Jordan Craig; Accessories: 21 Men (forever 21)

During the super bowl weekend, I was asked to help style a fashion shoot for black and grey magazine. Declining the request would asinine due to the fact I have been eager to work with my colleague, Bil Brown, within the past couple years (on my trinidad james shit, “mama always told me,boy count your blessings). All jokes aside, we have finally manage to find the appropriate project to do so!

I got the chance to meet the models, make up artists and assistants for the shoots. Majority of people came different parts of the region (i.e. Indy, Nashville, etc.). The shoot could have not performed any better . Despite we have worked a little bit late (happens frequently at shoots), everyone worked in a complete harmonious fashion. The meeting of the minds started to ignite as each one of began to create snowball effects of creative ideas for the shoot. It was practically improvising along the way (kinda)… There were no ego; instead, it was just a group of people doing what they love!

Besides working with everyone, I got the chance to work with my sister, who was the hairstylist for the project. Unfortunately, this is our first project together. Personally, it was breath-taking because we never get the chance to do much because of our hectic schedules. I was glad she had the ability to work on such short notice. Overall, the shoot was a success. This was my first styling project for the year! Off to a decent start and I will not be stopping any time soon.

“Iron Will”

A Night at Ramsi’s Part Deux


it has been a year since the last dinner hosted by one of Louisville’s dopest photographers, Bil Brown of Black and Grey Magazine. Bil has been constantly building his brand throughout the east and west coast working with some of the upcoming models and fashion designers (i.e. Gunnar Deathridge).  During the dinner, he announced the status of Louisville is slowly making a mark in the creative field of pop culture.



Photographers, stylist (including myself), models, artist were all jointed together in holy aesthetic matrimony. It was really great to hear things are slowly coming together with some of the artist in the city. I, on the other hand, has been working developing my own brand outside the city (also within the city). Mingling with old faces along new faces never gets old faces. A glorious moment to network.  Nothing beat being around others who understand art beyond the comprehension of the norms. I think they call us art freaks for a reason lol. we make the world go round… more projects coming soon.


My ensemble: Since the meeting was very short notice, I thought I should make a look which consisted of both buisness and pleasure. The shirt actually brought an exotic element to the outfit along with the shoes. I personally felt it was appropriate for the occasion. Express blazer; Maison Martin Margiela t shirt; my karate pants from Macho Martial Arts; Maison Martin Margiela x HM loafers; Forever 21 pocket square

Birthday Flow

tom ford chic

This past weekend was my celebration of birthday. Only 3 years shy of 30 and the best way to express that was be on my suit and tie shit! Believe it or not, suits are one fashion ensemble I am extremely critical about. Generally, most men wear their suits a size or 2 larger than they should. Me, on the other hand, wish to capture straight lines at all times. I strongly believe if you are not going to wear a suit right, its best not to wear one at all! The ensemble was completely inspired by the fashion designer/demi-god Tom Ford. I wanted to integrate a high fashion look with my Austin Reed glen plaid suit (I found at a consignment shop for $15.00), with my Hugo Boss gingham shirt, Brooks Brothers Tie and Calvin Klein suede loafers (ebay for $60), Pocket square (www.mrporter.com)and Vintage shades (borrowed from my girlfriend).

“iron will”

Varsity Jock

forever 21 varsity jacketThe Ensemble: Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse sneakers;  D&G Mickey Mouse T-shirt; POW! necklace by Ambush; William Rast Jeans

Recently, I have been getting a true hunger for obtaining outerwear (preferably varsity jackets). Ironically, I was never the school growing up in grade school. I was either playing the saxophone in band or competing at karate tournaments lol. There is a mysterious confidence that exudes when you’re rocking a such an outerwear piece. I stumbled across this jacket at forever 21. The blue and orange color palette easily swept me from my tracks. For $37.00 it was not a bad choice if I might add. Designer garments are normally my forte; however, I am willing to rock anything that possess a dope aesthetic or silhouette in this case. One should not always stumble upon names. Take more appreciation to style instead..

“Iron Will”

Home away from home


the ensemble: my DIY shogun denim jacket, D&G t shirt, William Rast jeans, Jeremy ScottxAdidas sneakers,  POW! Necklace by ambush,(not shown) custom rings by melody enshani

Normally after work on Wednesdays, I tend to get off early and stop by one of my favorite spots in Louisville, 21c. I have posted several things about 21c. However, I can not help it because it’s one of my very places in the city where I wanna escape from reality and tap into my artistic utopia. All artists are aware that inspiration surround us 24/7. Then it’s that one specific place where its pure tranquility. Along with international artworks and embracing local talent, the best part about this museum is that it’s free!

As you seek total inspiration, find that one place where you believed it’s heaven. If cant find it, make one up!


Projeckt F.O.N.As today is the final day of 2012, it is safe to say WE ALL HAVE SURVIVED!!! Today, a particular word has stuck in my head, reflect. It is safe to say I have grown alot compared to 2011. This year I have been taking my aesthetics about life into another level! From martial arts to styling and parenting, for the first time I truly feel like I have something to offer to the world! Progress is indeed a slow process, but this little dragon will be breathing fire to every end. There are many creative works (also personal content) will be displayed more next year. I challenge everyone to “reflect back from this year” and see what they would honestly want to improve.

Once you have figured out what this is, make IMMEDIATE ACTION. Evolution is the word for 2013. Never let any one tell you can’t do anything. As long as you have the vision and will power, you can move mountains. Doesn’t whether if they are big or small, all it takes is a little push. Find people who share the same vision as you or share the same work ethic, and remember dreams can’t work alone; if so, that would require a miracle.

As we “reflect” for 2012, lets “evolve” for 2013.

“Iron Will”