The Lookbook


Lookbook Theme: Inspiration

What is it that inspire us to be who we are? Sometimes this happens to be a struggle for many of us in society to recognize. Whenever we look in the mirror, what is it we see? Are we looking at the present, past or future? Our aesthetics and lifestyle surrounding Inspiration this day and age is confused with imitation.One thing is for certain, we can not always be the innovator. On the contrary, we can always be the innovator of oneself. For example, I can not be a Bruce Lee, Kanye West, Tom Ford or Andy Warhol. Instead, I can take the small things I was inspired from those people and add into my personal arsenal. Then what I have discovered is what inspired me the most was Martial arts and fashion.

Martial arts is not only a discipline for self defense, but also a life long journey. Through out my journey in the martial arts, I realized there is NO ultimate style which every particular style contains a certain range. Its the practitioner’s skill that makes them great. Being defined to only one particular style means being a slave to systematic way of thinking. Acknowleding the beauty of all styles as “Universal” reflected based on my style in fashion. Fashion/Style is the accentuation of my lessons learned as a martial artist.

This lookbook shows a little bit of my “Martial Fashion” aesthetic. Embracing garments from different martial art background in an Urban Fashion prespective. Through the Lens of Rebel Republic‘s photographer, Sowande Malone, I intended to express what inspires me as a person and how I want to share that with the world. Its hard for individuals to express themselves nowadays. However, I hope to make some contribute for people to be inspired and create their own style.

Styling & Grooming: William Mitchell

Photographer: Sowande Malone; Email:; Blog:

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