Jackie Chan is so Revolutionary in “1911”

Its unreal to realize Jackie Chan has been in about over a 100 films. Naturally yo would think someone stop and retire. Unlike Jackie, stop filming will not be anytime soon. His latest Hong Kong film will be taken on a serious role depicting a war in 1911 which changed China forever! Jackie plays Huang Xing, an actual solider from Xinhai Dynasty which followed up to the plunge of the Qing Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty’s plunge lead to revolution lead to country to be referred as the “republic of China”.

Jackie Chan has been widely known around the world for his dynamically campy action films with death defying stunts. On the other hand, he has recently taken more serious roles into consideration. The Drunken Masters and Rush Hour series are fine regards to comedy, but playing a role with significant meaning give the Jamie Foxx approach with Ray Charles in “Ray”.  This film defaces what people tend fight nowadays.People now only fight for fame, glamour, or any superficial reasons.

I must admit it would appear to be hypocritical for me to make such a statement when I blog or write about fashion (besides martial arts). Instead, I try to write about the artistry/inspiration behind the designer’s themes.  Jackie’s epic shows what people should really fight for. Revolutions reforms the functions of politics and traditional (fixed) thinking. Hoping I will do the same with this blog.