Band of Outsiders

Whoever said that American fashion can’t be done like the Europeans were completely tripping off the sizzrup! The images you are looking at is considered to be the future American Fashion menswear (by GQ) is Band of Outsiders. Vibrant Nylon Jackets, chambray shirts, and pops of colors featured in this collection.

Anis Cheurfa for G-Shock (Nylon Magazine)

Anis Cheufra is doing big things! Being featured in some of the hottest music videos to starring in the phenomenal disney film, Tron Legacy. This martial artist/actor/trickster is in the campaign ad for G-Shock. Totally glad to see another martial artist from the sport martial arts scene getting the spotlight in a modest fashion.  I was convinced to see a flash kick or perhaps a hypercork for a more artistic flare in the ad; however, this is will do just fine. Kudos to ya Anis!

Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter Collection 2011

Another glamorous and fly ass collection from Dolce and Gabbana. For the past collections I was having so-so feelings towards. It was not the fact they were bad, but it didn’t give me anything. Most fashionistas out there would perhaps agree with me, but I can never deny their sharp silhouettes and fine/practical designs! This collection is perhaps a favorite since their 2007 collection.  Monochromatic color palette with a bold hint of Hot intense colors of Red and Purple. Virgin Wool suits and sequin blazer displays the essence of the Dolce and Gabbana brand! These guys are perhaps my favorite designers because they cause neck breaking looks!

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