Sometimes I don’t get the pleasure of hanging out with some old friends. My good friend (brother from another mother) decided to come in town from Indianapolis to pay a visit. On a random day, you have to search for these things to do in Louisville. It’s best to stick to your guns and find something artistically creative. Gaining inspiration from some dope exhibits would certainly do the trick!


Sidebar: Cuong and I (along with my brother) both played saxophone in high school. Two video game geeks playing covers from our favorite RPG games in our spare time lol. Those were the good times because they were absolutely no worries and no fucks given. He has always talked about designing video games. Ironically, he obtained his degree in digital animation whereas he’s starting to do projects for independent video game companies. Dude is really trying to do his thing!


There is a trend about “no new friends” or whatnot, but sometimes you have to erase the old friends who hindering your progress. Fortunately, it is not the case with him. I admire his ambition and hustle towards his art. In reality, our friendship has grown on another level because we are searching beyond greatness!

5595_10200575157115686_1061142324_nLocation: 21c, Louisville

“Iron Will”

Last Stop to 21C

This weekend was a pretty decent. Nothing beats having my time to actually thinking and reflect about things. Sunday I happened to kick it with my cousin, Sambeast.

We stopped through this museum downtown Louisville, 21C. I heard about this place from a friend of mine. Apparently the contemporary museum is inside a hotel and an award winning restaurant!!  The great thing about it was free! This has to be one of Louisville’s best kept secret places. Although Sam and I have been focusing on other avenues (his is music and mine is martial arts and fashion), but one thing we can say which anchors your crafts is visual art.Being art lovers at an early age who truly gave us the insight the average person would not understand. Art is like another world where it subconsciously absorb through our daily lives.

Its lifeforce is expression. Martial arts is expression; Music is expression; Fashion is expression. Come to think of it, anything with an art form demonstrate expression. A quote I live by from Bruce Lee is “To live is to express and to express is to create”..

Art is something that consumes us everyday! Whether we want to believe it or not,  the situations in our lives mold specific expressions to release (this is the beginning process). This result equate an activity we perfect to make a living art form. Its subjective; therefore, there is no explanation for things to be methodical as the world make it out to be.

We all are works of art. It our objective to honestly express ourselves as artists. Sometimes this is hard to do because certain atmospheres don’t give us enough oxygen to function as artists! However, you must simultaneously adapt and alter your art.  Art is neverending marathon. Nevertheless, it should be genuine and never pretentious. Art is a safe haven for me and going to this place would be the same for everyone else!

Louisville, KY, 40202