Enter the Dragon – Nike Air Force One

I was quite bummed I was not able to purchase the highly anticipate Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers last weekend. Once I received an email about these sneakers, they gave me some slight ease. This will be the 30th anniversary of the Nike Air Force 1 as they will enter the dragon on these joints! Taken inspiration from dragon boats and traditional Chinese dragon iconography, the texture of upper is red suede which imitates dragon scales while the bright blue leather accents and outsole represents water. Lower top include a gold Nike swoosh, a knitted tongue and an extra set of red shoe laces. Being a Chinese martial arts practitioner, its a hella dope sneaker to actually wear to show off that “martial fashion aesthetic”

Honestly, I the last pair of Air Force One’s I bought were the PlayStation sneakers in 2007. Judging from this colorway and design, I will be impatiently waiting for their June 23rd launch date!


“Iron Will”

Play Cloths – Leopard Snapback

This snapback by Play Cloths is a great way to get a nice POP with your ensemble. I personally believe this is more appropriate regarding the hood aesthetic or skate boy chic. Swagg’d out hat nevertheless… Apply it to your own STYLE!

buy here


Anna Della Russo for H&M

H&M has partnered with Anna Dello Russo on an accessories collection. This amazing collection will be launched in early October. In the teaser video, the Vogue Nippon editor gushes about children’s books, plays with baubles and delights in their clinking sound, tells us how much she loves the sparkly and the precious.

It is quite amazing to see the saturated amount of high fashion designers who happens to release collections more than your southern rapper release mixtapes. I sense these designers are very consciousiness of the economy’s estate state. The shade about the who deal is the fact people are hi-jacking the prices than the suggested retail on ebay. I am not knocking anyone’s hustle, but “I am just saying” .

I get it Customed…

After treading a bad taste in my mouth from work, I was not in a happy mood. The life of a 9 – 5 job is not really my cup of tea but it has for the little bills (and garments). One thing that will make me happy almost more than anything is retail therapy! Retail therapy being delivered at the right moment was a blessing from GOD!! As I opened the package, I realized my custom rings from Melody Ehsani finally arrived.

The name I chose was “Iron Will”. Iron Will is martial arts name I chose to adopt for myself. Traditionally, martial artists in dojo always had names which describes their abilities or attributes. Iron is known to be one of the strongest metals. Metaphorically, the word “Iron” reflects strength while “Will” possess the ability to confidence and integrity within the individual (also its my name for short). Through the challenges in life, I strongly believe to face it head on with determination and discipline. We all need these traits whenever we are trying to accomplish our goals.I will always look at these rings as a characteristic God gave to me. It’s amazing how martial arts can symbolically be translated into fashion.

SUPER Sunglasses 2012 Spring Visiva Series “Poissons”

SUPER sunglasses pioneered the colorful acetate frame nearly five years ago earning worldwide recognition for their innovative ethos. Today, the Italian eyewear manufacturer launches a new series titled Visiva – Italian for Visual – presenting a range of seasonal sunglasses adorned with unique prints. The first mini collection releasing from the Visiva series provides two offerings under the name “Poissons” and will feature quirky fish graphics on the inside of both frames. Each sporting a smooth tobacco lens, the first pair of shades, the America, presents a boxy frame in dark havana, and the second pair, the Palona, comes complete with amber colored oval frames. The “Poissons” collection is currently available here, with both pieces releasing for €150 EUR (approximately $195 USD).



Cruise Control

I seriously hope H&M is ready for another nationwide rock ’em sock’em and slash fest again because is Versace is giving the drug these fashionistas are fienning for… Just don’t call them.. Anywho, the previous collaboration was a success and they are now presenting a cruise collection, which the looks completely different from the previous (duh!).

This collection looks alot more relaxed rather than most Versace looks we have seen. Nevertheless, this is still a great collection and I am waiting to see how some of these sexy ladies gonna be rocking it. Fashion Advice: No Muffintops, please.. thank you, thank you, you far too kind 🙂

Wu-tang x Good Wood – bracelets and necklaces

Wu- tang aint nothing to f*&^ with! The shaolin Wu Tang clan has joined forces with Good Wood for a extensive collection of bracelets and necklaces. These are pretty dope! I need that shaolin piece for christmas! They are available now.


Versace for H&M – Garments and Accessories

With the upcoming Versace for H&M collection slowly approaching has gave me some mix feelings. I think the mens collection is going to alright. However, I am really feel like the accessories are gonna pack more of a punch than the garments themselves. Don’t get me wrong there are some nice male pieces. These items are more geared towards to the fashion forward male or metrosexual. In other words, you will have to possess lot of confidence to attempt to rock most of it (i.e. all pink suit). I love the tuxedo jacket with the t shirt..

Anis Cheurfa for G-Shock (Nylon Magazine)

Anis Cheufra is doing big things! Being featured in some of the hottest music videos to starring in the phenomenal disney film, Tron Legacy. This martial artist/actor/trickster is in the campaign ad for G-Shock. Totally glad to see another martial artist from the sport martial arts scene getting the spotlight in a modest fashion.  I was convinced to see a flash kick or perhaps a hypercork for a more artistic flare in the ad; however, this is will do just fine. Kudos to ya Anis!

(For the ladies) CHEE CHEETAH TOTE – Betsey Johnson

you gotta face the music, animal prints are never going out of style! This tote bag for Ms.Betsy Johnson is cookin! Perfect for the sexy ass ladies who wants to accessorizes with that pretty girl swag! I would think it looks great with all black everything. Now because its Betsey Johnson, you can go bananas with the colors in your garments. A lil Heatherette here, Patricia Field there. How ever said you have always drop 5 stacks in a make up bag?

CHEE CHEETAH TOTE – Betsey Johnson.