Jeremy Scott 2NE1 Collage wings

You simply never know what you are getting when it comes to Jeremy Scott. Man I tell ya this guy is starting to release shoes out as much as Jordan. I seriously can not keep up. The other day I literally purchased the streetball hi top sneakers. With a pop of color with a mix of faux cow fur, you have a work of art. Be on the lookout for these bad boys in November.  Talk about an early Christmas present!

Adidas Originals X Jeremy Scott – A/W 2011

Often times I tend to post many of Jeremy Scott’s sneakers; However, this video appeals more towards the apparel which he designs. He’s like a male Betsey Johnson if you ask me, but this isnt for everyone though lol. Kudos to those who can pull it off!


Jeremy Scott by Adidas ObyO Spring/Summer collection 2011


Presenting the latest sneaker designs for Jeremy Scott by Adidas ObyO for next year.  There is certainly no question whether Jeremy stretches the envelope when it comes to fashion and design, but you can not take away the man’s aesthetics!  I am not really feeling the Ape one, but the everything else is going to be placed on a check list. Lil wayne rocking the latest JScott kicks makes me quite envious (lol), but dude certainly has the attitude for them. It is rumored the shoes will be available close towards this time in 2012. What you guys think?

The JS Bear

So check it I have previously discussed about my opinion based on  the Jeremy Scott bear sneakers a while back.  I will admit, I questioned whether to pursue them or not because of damn bear on the shoe. Being different from the norm is what I tend to go for. Its not easy to pull off sure shoe or a different style in fashion!

Well my package arrived soon as I got home. Happy was simply an understatement! This shoes is definitely sold out everywhere. I was so skeptical whether or not I was going to blessed with such a shoe. Determination was the goal and fashion definitely means go over the limit at times (bought the shoe a size smaller just to have them. oh well #kanyeshrug)!

It looks like my prediction was accurate because Lil Wayne was seen rocking these bad boys on 106 and park on New Years. All of the sudden, everyone wanna know about Jeremy Scott. Its a double standard for me because I love his creations and everyone can’t wear them.

Jeremy Scott deserves all of the best because he is that dope, so his stuff should always sell out! Avant Garde exudes through his vains and that is why everyone should wear them. It just take away the greatest of an item when a person’s persona does not equate to the stuff they rocking! Coogi and Jeremy Scott don’t mix, but that’s just my prerogative! Anyone who has this shoe, all hail to you guys! This is truly a neck breaker, Steven Seagal.