Adidas originals by originals Jeremy Scott – spring summer 2012

Earlier last year, I have posted some of the latest sneakers Adidas ObyO were launching for this year. Jeremy Scott has brought us more innovation a little bit more than we can obtain! The collection displays from nostalgic silhouettes to of the chart designs. How far do you tend to go with your sneaker game?

Jeremy Scott Interview circa 2010

alright it is apparent that I am an avid Jeremy Scott fan! At the end, I wish for all of the people who view my blog on a regular is as well! This video was very interesting because I wanted to know his focus and inspiration behind many of his extraordinary creations. What struck me the most is fact his goal to provide a universal connection in his designs. Now that is the interpretation I got from the interview. Clearly something food for thought for many artists out there! enjoy!

Jeremy Scott/Adidas ObyO fall ’11 collection

I came across these from a great friend of mine! The fall collection Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals by Originals are without a doubt creative! People were buzzing on the streets regards to the Teddy Bears joints Wayne rock’d on 106 and Park. The bones are my favorite (gotta dope as fit already on deck), but not really feeling the panda bears. what you think?

Can you see my halo?

Sometimes when you want things, you have to claim it, period! I finally got my package in the mail, which happens to be my beloved Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0! The first time I saw these shoes and looked at my previous wings was like, “Damn. I need an upgrade lol.”

The shoes was like a foster kid whose getting love on valentines day (no pun indtended). No shade, but both of the shoes are totally kickin ass, real talk! An amazing thing about this shoe is the wings are not detachable. The wings really give you an authentic look as will they were made for flying! So far there are the marble colored ones and the whites. The shoe has a deep arch, so people with wide feet or pregnant, beware!

In conclusion, we all see something we want. Its our job to make sure to mobilize it. This is beyond materialistic things, but about life. you must claim that halo! iight warriors, stay chic! will signing out!

Let me upgrade you.. 2.0

Allow for me to introduce these to you, The Jeremy Scott wings 2.0 . The extraordinaire avant-garde designer, (The) Jeremy Scott  and Adidas, has stretched the envelope once again with this sneaker.  The shoe provides a hi-top Run DMC essence fused with the Greek mythology aesthetic. I have the first pair he launched, which were great and couldn’t help but to “smh” when I saw these.

these are so ill

Adidas are really setting the trends in regards to street fashion in regards to (Y-3, Jeremy Scott, and B.O.B. new sneakers) and\  Talk about love at first. Watch me with these babies while I “fly” to a city near you!