Coming out in that new wang looking like Liu Kang

1389894661667_alexander-wang-fall-winter-2014-10The upcoming fall 2014 collection for Alexander Wang appears to be very promising. Since 2008, it has not been a dull moment for the designer. Being best friends with ASAP Rocky, giving free garments in NYC, being creative director for Balenciaga, being referenced on the Yeezus album is just a few of his accolades lately. In addition, I believe this collection truly demonstrates why he’s always in popular demand. He keeps it real and dark. However, the collection decided to flirt with colors of dusty tan or reddish-brown. It also appears leather is not going to be taking a backseat in the trend department anytime soon. Overall, I love how he uses basic garments (i.e. sweatshirts and sweatpants) and create in the most luxurious way which is simply irresistible.

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Going H.A.M. for Alexander Wang

They say the best things in life are free. Nothing is singlehandedly given to you with In America; everything comes with a price (i.e. love, fame, fortune)! However, fashion designer Alexander Wang stretched out his generosity by having a “free event”  in a rampant fashionable manner. Honestly, I can’t comprehend if I am getting digitally punk’d because what designer just gives out free shit?! Granted, is quite normal a designer who has left overs would have a sample sale which is within 40-70% off!  If I was aware of such an event, my ninja skills would definitely been put to the test. There would be dragonball z speed karate chops, kicking, screaming, and general fuckery as much as possible lol. I am just saying lol…

“Iron WIll”

The floral connection



it has been confirmed the high fashion menswear e-commerce site, Mr Porter was collaborating with a few designers on capsule collections to be sold exclusively online. The list included the likes of Alexander Wang, Beams Plus, and, of course, Raf Simons.

Simons’ menswear lines have been impressive thus far, constantly getting co-signs from A$AP Rocky and plenty of other celebrities. His collection for Mr Porter isn’t far from that of his Spring/Summer 2013 collection for his eponymous line, which caught the eye of the e-commerce shop’s senior buyer, Terry Betts. “”Raf’s use of color and Kurt Cobain-inspired grunge florals combined to make his SS13 show one of our favorites,” Betts told i-D magazine.

There are dressier garments, as well as sweatshirts, tees, and jackets to suit your more casual days. See the collection in all its glory in this spread shot by Jeff Hahn. Available on Mr Porter starting May 28


Bon Qui Qui visits Alexander Wang

A few months ago my lady and myself happened to see Comedian Anjelah Johnson at The Palace in Louisville. Known for her comedic performance via youtube and MADtv, she slayed her portrayal as the banji boriqua, Bon Qui Qui for T by Alexander Wang‘s 2013 spring/summer campaign. She moved on up from fast food to high fashion retail clerk as the new employee for Alexander Wang’s store. Indeed, she does what she do best (being ratchet).  With cameos by Alessandra AmbrosioA$AP Rocky, Shannan Click, Simon Doonan and Natasha Lyonne, this can a great way to express campaign in an unconventional kind of way. I was not expecting this from Alexander Wang. Sometimes we tend to take fashion a little too serious. Laughter is the cure for everything. Lets have fun with fashion!

“Iron Will”

Big Fashion Trouble in Chinatown

Things are not looking good for fashion designer, Alexander Wang. According to the New York Post,there has been a lawsuit filed which lead to labor issues. 30 workers claim they were forced to work 16 hours a day or longer — without overtime — in a suffocating, windowless, 200-square-foot room”. These conditions have violated the state labor laws of New York. These workers are trying to get paid!! You wanna guess the amount? $50 million.

The Post makes note of Lu’s claim that he passed out after working 25 hours straight, followed by stating he was alledgely fired due to his complaining due to such working conditions while applying worker’s comp. Of course, Wang is going to defend himself regards to the charge with a total of $450 million!!

Whether if this story is true or not, but it goes to show you there are some sweatshops underground which these people are working their figures to the bone for people to strut around with their labels. This isn’t the first we hear such stories. We all hear about it from sneakers to diamonds! Lets just hope this story is false. Shit is getting real out here in this economy!

GQ’s 2011 menswear finalist

According to GQ, they have announced the 6 finalist for America’s best new menswear designers. The six people consist of  Michael Bastian for Gant, T for Alexander Wang by Alexander Wang, Rick Klotz of Warriors of Radness, Patrik Ervell, Kirk Miller (Miller’s Oath), and Riviera Clug Designers Joe Sadler, Derek Buse and Greg Ullery.

I have a huge prediction the award is going to be either Alexander Wang or Michael Bastian. These two designers have been consistent when it comes to being branded from various publications, fashion bloggers and to celebrities rocking the garments created from the two.  nevertheless, these two possess totally different dimensions regards to style, but truly captures the contemporary to fullest!

The interiguing thing about them are their styles are quite modern, but with a different focus. For example, Michael Bastian’s designs reflect the All-American aesthetic fused with altheticism (suits with rugby shirts).

On the other hand, Alexander Wang is more towards the minimalist avante garde aesthetic. The winners of the awards will win 50,000 cash prize to build their business. That’s a great gift!

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