Rugby Closing

Election Day was a great for some of us Americans (Yeah I voted)… However, some American clothing brands will not be anymore by the end of the year, According to WWD, Ralph Lauren’s younger prep brand Rugby with be shutting down their stores and online shop in early 2013. I must admit this totally sucks the fact this brand will be going down. After all, there were some great collection that came out of this brand. However, the reality is that it doesn’t look much different from the Polo brand.

If you was a smart shopper such as myself, you will be monitoring the sales as the prices begin to drop as the year comes to the end. Get it while you can at

“Iron Will”

Suck my preppiness

Today was a beautiful day enough for me to rock my yellow Michael Kors jeans (they were originally white). Recently, I have been going through a hip hop/rock-star mood. However, it was great add a change in the mix! The ensemble shown above is to express my aesthetic of the day, All-American prep. I chose to rock this vintage glen plaid/houndstooth jacket under my light blue John Varvatos shirt, Polo neck tie, Murano vest, my recently Michael Kors dyed yellow denim pants to add a pop of color and with my favorite Salvatore Ferragamo loafers!

Its alright to have a distinctive style. After all, style is indeed personal. Because it is personal, I want to make sure I express more than one side of myself. So should you!

“Iron WIll”

Band of Outsiders

Whoever said that American fashion can’t be done like the Europeans were completely tripping off the sizzrup! The images you are looking at is considered to be the future American Fashion menswear (by GQ) is Band of Outsiders. Vibrant Nylon Jackets, chambray shirts, and pops of colors featured in this collection.