Beyonce for L’Officiel Paris Magazine

Beyonce blackfaced? Ironically some people find this to be offensive. The photoshoot was shoot for the 90th anniversary for L’Officiel Paris. As you can see the shoot emphasizes tribal markings and exotic animal printed garments.The question comes to mind, how so? Beyonce is an African American superstar, but for one emphasize of ones roots is to be offensive.

Should we upset if Lindsay Lohan or some other non-ethnic person gets a tan? People never discuss that to be as “offensive”. People do take something to be too literal, which diminished the purpose within the art.


Betsey Johnson Fall Collection 2011 NY fashion week

Its edgy.. its fearless.. noneoftheless, chic! Women everywhere has that edge which Betsey Johnson always bring out! Floral prints to exotic animal prints has always been her signature, but this time she gave a more gothic look to provide the juxtaposition of various elements. I don’t know any woman who doesn’t love her work . Its like saying a gangsta don’t like Scarface. She gives you everything and more!

Givenchy T shirts??

Everyone would want something designer. I personally love my labels; however, because you see a name on a garment doesn’t necessarily have to mean its nice or worth the price! Take these shirts for instance. These are the new t-shirts from Givenchy. The price range from each shirt is within $250 – $600. Personally, I would be a clown to even dare pay that price for any of those shirts. what do you guys think?

Zara’s November lookbook (women’s)

The lookbook for the recent garments from Zara. Its very party girl chic accentuating a light edge with the leather jackets and exotic animal prints. I think the brand is nice because almost any woman can wear it.