Accessories can always transform an ensemble for better👍 or worse 👎! My new purchases from #ASOS came in the mail 📫. I couldn’t help to purchase these and pocket square. Both possess a subtle classic appeal for the modern #gentleman. The metallic frames give a little bit of a futuristic touch 👌.

“Iron Will”


I love walking down the highlands. There is never a dull moment venturing to find inspiration. After all, it’s an ultimate hotspot for people who love to express themselves. Expressing yourself is very liberating. Today, I wanted to express that feeling with a statement top as this Shirt by ASOS. Like the Aztec print, the navajo print has been on trend for quite some time now. Normally, I am not the person to jump on trend. Instead, I believe its best to show some versatility. ASOS never fails with their unbeatable prices as they stay with the latest fashions.

To compliment the shirt, I decided to toss on my new Cole Haan oxfords and distressed jeans while strolling down the highlands of Louisville. The contrast of blue really gives it an extra pop #swag

Peplum Dress

I am not really the type of person who chases trends, but for the ladies, peplums are totally in like swimwear.. One way to kill two birds with one stone is applying both the color blocking and peplum together. This dress by Asos displays some versatility. Featuring a boat neckline with contrast trim, sleeveless styling, contrast ribbon waistband, a skirted peplum frill with contrast ribbon trim, this dress can be worn either being out on the town, on a date or whatever it is you do!

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In living Color

Now that is officially spring time, Its time for the ladies to start showing off those new dresses, which catches our eyes! I am totally a sucker for the color blocking trend. If I was at a social setting, this dress from ASOS would immediately catch my eye! This garment Mini dress by River Island. Featuring bandeau styling, a color block panel design and an exposed silver-tone zip fastening to the reverse. Designed in a form-fitting, body-conscious style. Those who are socially inclined, this is the dress for you! There is no need to be shy when you in striking colors to match that sparking personality with a dress like this.. The price is not bad either!

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Brace Yourself

One thing no one can not argue about is finding a great sale! Last week I was in the desperate need to find some accessories. Yes I would admit its quite strange being a man whose trying to find accessories lol. Whenever I’m on the search for such items, it MUST possess style and masculinity.

One of the great sites who happened to have great man bracelets is ASOS. There were a few set of bracelets which caught my eye. Each set had their own particular look  with different colors and textures. It is really easy to mix and match them where as it may appear you have dozens of differents bracelet sets. Each set originally ranged from $15 – $20, but I purchase all three sets for under $25. If you ask me, that is not a bad deal if you tend to make use of them.

Personally, the Aldo accessories are appealing, yet they are not as durable. I was tired of purchasing another set after 2 weeks. Yours truly is heavy handed, therefore, that is just my opinion. ASOS still have a few left!

Father/Son flow at the highlands

This past weekend I happened to take my son out for ice cream and walk around the highlands in Louisville..I was very resistant on the idea, but how can I say “no” to my son lol? One thing about my son is the fact he knows what he wants and will not stop to get it. It inspires me how much a small individual can be more driven than more grown ups despite how big or small things appear! I don’t think he is spoiled. He is just loved by yours truly.

In the photo, I chose to take my biker look look which consisted of my favorite ASOS leather jacket, my Dolce and GabbanaMickey Mouse” graphic t-shirt, John Varvatos Jeans, and the Jeremy Scott Adidas hi-tops (very rare shoe to find).. The look was entirely inspired from my son’s love for Mickey mouse. Although the shades and jacket provided an edge, but the shirt and sneakers neutralized the ensemble with a softness of an iconic child cartoon character. There is some uncertainty he does not know how much I spend for those pieces just to express a love he has.. Even though I still like the garments, I mainly did it for him.

New Year’s Dress

Ladies, Its about time for you to get that ensemble right to bring into the new year. Making an introduction for 2012 is going to be everything. One way to do is by getting a few classical pieces such as this black dress by ASOS.

This mini dress has a round neckline, long mesh insert sleeves, mesh panel to upper, body-conscious fit, cut outs to waist, and a mini cut length. A great way to show that sexy figure before the countdown.

Black Dresses are like the must have in every woman’s closet. With the price, you seriously can not beat it ladies #cheap4chic. Do some minimum gold accessories and an exotic animal print heel and you will be killin ’em without a doubt!

Suit Yourself

The suit has moved away from the office and headed to the streets. This is what you call variety when it comes to wearing a suit! Asos has made a film demonstrating the barriers broken on the world’s most fashionable uniform.  The first ensemble (outfit) is perhaps one of my favorite just based on how well put together with the snapback (totally popular in the urban fashion), neon colored Nike sneakers, etc. Hope some of y’all would get inspired.. All I can say is pay attention to the tailoring and you would be good.. Buying a suit (no Steve Harvey suits) straight from the store and wearing isn’t gonna cut it either.

Asos spring/summer collection 2011

The lookbook to one of my fashion sites, . I kinda consider them to be like the British Forever 21 or H&M. Some of the garments I have won in the previous were actually ASOS. Their summer collection has some dope versatility. 80’s theme wayfarers with cool color palette floral print shirts and intriguing is the primary focus. what is so nice about their collections is being able to wear with high and low end fashion items accompanying your own style. Be on the look out.

ASOS Shawl Collar Slim Fit Tuxedo Navy Jacket

Some of us fashionistas were not able to grasp the recent Lanvin for H&M collection. Considering the fact it was only available in selective locations caused a slight devastating effect upon us. However, some substitutions are made equal. Take this tux for instance. It is a shawl collar navy blue one buttoned tuxedo jacket by ASOS. The collar is contrasted as black. This jacket is quite elegant and would suffice from the H&M collection.

This jacket is so sickening beyond measure! Obviously you can dress this up going to a formal event or wanna exhibit a more urban chicness by layering a t-shirt with some straight leg jeans, scarf, loafers, or sneakers. Once again, Its your prerogative! Its kinda kanye, but its all about how you gonna translate your swag or style in the mix.  The jacket can definitely provide some mileage like a Kardashian (was that shade??? I think it was the truth lol). All jokes aside, you can really give alot of diversity in this jacket.

For the price of $172.00 isn’t not bad at all! Asos is a site I discovered sometime last year. I would consider them kinda like a british H&M or forever 21, but better.  Hate giving out of my discovered sources, but tis the season to be jolly; therefore, I am sharing the wealth.  expect to see pics with tux for new years. happy holidays!

ASOS Tailoring | ASOS Shawl Collar Slim Fit Tuxedo Navy Jacket at ASOS.