Lightweight sketching


I am so determined to leave from 9 to 5 world.. I do not have anything against it, but ya boy has dreams and aspirations to fulfill. Every since I was a child, small goals were nonexistent in my artistic mind. During my free time at work, I manage some time to sketch some designs for my upcoming label, Xiaolin Lotus. It’ll be starting off with t-shirts with intentions of a full fashion label.

Preparation is key. With that being said, I would like to prepare myself once the time comes to expand. This project is approximately 2 years in the making.  Louisville is not your ideal place for extreme creativity. However, who ever said creativity has a geographic location. I make it do what it do baby.. It doesn’t matter if you live in New York City, small metro city in Kentucky or a rural area in Montana, creativity is within you! Xiaolin Lotus coming soon…

“Iron Will”

welcome to 2012

There could be no better day than to have new years eve on a Saturday. Louisville’s 4th street live was jammed pack with thousands of people celebrating the upcoming new year. This year I have decided to party it up with some close friends. There were some fresh individuals ( a few) while there were some who just need to find their own identity besides the garments they were rocking (that’s besides the point). For the most part, New Year’s day attracts us in numerous ways.

We are searching for new ventures, new goals/opportunities, new attitude, and/or a new wardrobe; I would take all of the above!! Although I didn’t do everything within my desires, 2011 was still a decent year. I have learned to be more patient regards to my goal(s). One priceless moment I have achieved was to notice the missing pieces of my personal puzzle. Sometimes when we go through new phases, we experience unprecedented behaviors of our own. Based of those circumstances, we either keep pushing or surrender.

There should be no reason for you to quit something you passionate about! Anything easy in life is not worth having. If you get knocked down, get up! Presistancy is the key for true success. We can not obtain those results if we don’t re-evaluate ourselves.

Reflecting from 2011, I have learned alot about myself. Too many times I left my career in other’s hand to establish myself as a fashion stylist or winning in martial arts tournament were my own doing! Looking for a trump card, which in reality, I was my OWN trump card to begin with! Those downfalls manifested an inner strength to reveal from the surface, which allowed to learn my mistake in 2011 and improve for 2012.. cheers to a new beginning!