John Galliano fall collection 2011

Embracing the dark aesthetic fueled with dramatic emphasizes, There is no question within a doubt John Galliano is one of the most creative fashion designers regards towards theme. The collection has keen focus on the outerwear and underwear. It was kinda hard to vision whether some of these pieces were practical. Art isn’t always practical; therefore, it our own prerogative to make that decision. The make truly contours the essence of Galliano’s designs. It would not surprise me if the costume designer for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are  influenced from his work!

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Anthony Taylor

Iight so check it! It apparent I have a true passion for fashion and the martial arts to its entirety! This is not something I play pretend. These two elements embrace everything I stand for in life. Anyone whose passionate in the two, I deeply support! Take this up and coming designer for instance.

I stumbled across NY native, Anthony Taylor for quite some time via facebook. His designs were very avant garde, which is such he truly demonstrate his aestethic with geometric silhouettes providing a unisex look! Here’s some history on him:

History: Taylor is a New York City native, a city that encompasses an eclectic population and reeks of an artistic aroma. Taylor is a Pre-Med undergrad and college football star. At Merrimack College, he excelled academically as well as athletically but felt compelled to append his artistic contribution to society. He is achieving a degree in Health Science/Pre-Med but attention was held captive by Physics and Geometry courses. In these courses he found his niche in the creation of shapes as well as angles and incorporated these skills into his designs.
In reference to the fashion world, through diligence, determination and absorption he is honing the dynamics of engineering his creations. Taylor has worked with models from major agencies nationwide from the likes of Wilhelmina, Elite, Major, Muse and NY Model Management.
“My aim is to create character distinguishing pieces, which cater to the expressive needs of consumers on a personal level. My Inspiration is Individuality. My Direction is a Dynamic Amalgamation,” says Taylor.
T ᾎ y ┘● ᴚ’ D aims to engulf and encompass ALL fashion facets, oppose the corruption of the design art form as well as offer a bravura vividness and versatility.

The craziest thing I have discovered is the designer happens to be a member of the USA-NKF (national karate federation), competed nationally and internationally. He used his martial arts and translated his art from a pivotal role in his upbringing and infatuation with the Japanese Aesthetic, Culture and Philosophy! It really rare to meet people who are influenced from martial arts and fashion. Madd respect!

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Kerry Washington for LA magazine

This chick is totally cookin! What do I have to do to be that guy?! Actress Kerry Washington is in another world and these garments really proves it in LA Magazine. Embracing the avant garde is a world experience because everyone can’t do it. Its not like they can’t, but their perspectives chooses them not to.The dress she is rocking totally gives me this artsy/Mychael Knight vibe. Totally went Gaga on the hair cut.