Paris Fashion Week: Rick Owens – A/W 2012 collection

Rick Owens is indeed the king of avant garde fashion. Presenting the latest looks from his A/W 2012 collection were a some changes from the aesthetic. For example, the trousers took a step by embracing a wider silhouette. The jackets were fastened with one button for an asymmetrical close gives an immediate signature outerwear design from him.  I always love his leather garments and how the clothes drape so beautifully. Cropped jackets delivering a fantastic silhouette is a true essence of a Rick Owens look.



Jeremy Scott/Adidas ObyO fall ’11 collection

I came across these from a great friend of mine! The fall collection Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals by Originals are without a doubt creative! People were buzzing on the streets regards to the Teddy Bears joints Wayne rock’d on 106 and Park. The bones are my favorite (gotta dope as fit already on deck), but not really feeling the panda bears. what you think?