Sneak Peek of Balmain’s fall collection

Despite the fact Balmain is known for there extreme edgy, rocker and military looks, their new designer will perhaps be seeking a different aesthetic regards to design. Will this lose interest in the consumer who supported Balmain’s concept and design? Maybe. Nevertheless, who needs fairweather supporters when you tend to deliver luxurious quality.. Does that mean will you see me purchase any Balmain in the near future. #Wishfulthinking lol.


Balmain Homme 2011

Balmain has definitely been sweeping the fashion trends like one of Bruce Lee’s leg sweeps! presenting the fall 2011 lookbook for Balmain homme collection is truly where it ats! I love the focus on the layering in each individual looks.  The color palette is perhaps ordinary, but its cohesive to the season.  Hell I wish I had Balmain Money, this is a great substitute for those who are seek to find looks from this lookbook.

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