Fashion Report: Betsey Johnson Filed for Bankruptcy

It has been revealed Betsey Johnson LLC has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Majority of the Betsey Johnson stores will be closed ; however, the label will focus on its lower-priced range of clothing, which is sold at Macy’s and other mass retailers. Meanwhile, Steven Madden, Ltd., which has owned all of Betsey Johnson’s intellectual property since assuming her debt of $48.8 in 2010. A devastating result has caused approximately 360 jobs. Fortunately, it was not disturb wholesale deliveries or e-commerce.

Some have speculated this is not a surprise. My honest opinion based on the downfall of the label are based on the new up and coming streetwear designers. These artists have the raw talent and ability as Betsey Johnson selling their product for reasonable prices. I understand there is a specific aesthetic when it comes to the brand, there should have been more catchy campaigns or superstar backing. To my knowledge, there was not! Many young ladies out there will not be happy about this.


Betsey Johnson Fall Collection 2011 NY fashion week

Its edgy.. its fearless.. noneoftheless, chic! Women everywhere has that edge which Betsey Johnson always bring out! Floral prints to exotic animal prints has always been her signature, but this time she gave a more gothic look to provide the juxtaposition of various elements. I don’t know any woman who doesn’t love her work . Its like saying a gangsta don’t like Scarface. She gives you everything and more!

(For the ladies) CHEE CHEETAH TOTE – Betsey Johnson

you gotta face the music, animal prints are never going out of style! This tote bag for Ms.Betsy Johnson is cookin! Perfect for the sexy ass ladies who wants to accessorizes with that pretty girl swag! I would think it looks great with all black everything. Now because its Betsey Johnson, you can go bananas with the colors in your garments. A lil Heatherette here, Patricia Field there. How ever said you have always drop 5 stacks in a make up bag?

CHEE CHEETAH TOTE – Betsey Johnson.