Beyonce for Harper’s Bazaar – November Issue

















Here lies Beyonce fiercely gracing the cover of the November issue Harper’s Bazaar. Throughout the lens of Terry Richardson, you can not forgot the quality of clarity of his simple, yet iconic shots. I must admit I am not the biggest Beyonce fan in the world, but NO ONE can not deny her swag and work ethic as one of the leading artists of our generation. I am seriously feeling the energy in these photos #slayedIT!! The garment she is rocking in the image is the metallic fringed jacket from Salvatore Ferragamo.



















The Glamorous Life – Beyonce (Vogue Italia)

I guess I did spoke too soon about Beyonce in that previous blog post, but there was never any shade. The images before you are in the latest editorial for Vogue Italia. These images of the goddess has been gone completely viral. Dressed in luxuroious Furs and of course, Tom Ford, Bey delivers in everything she does. I can’t deny it, but its true. A little bit too damn easy.

Due to the fact, the images are black and white has made me love the spread even more! Each individual look has its own distinctive essence. Hate it or love it, she’s gonna run it like no other!

Beyonce for L’Officiel Paris Magazine

Beyonce blackfaced? Ironically some people find this to be offensive. The photoshoot was shoot for the 90th anniversary for L’Officiel Paris. As you can see the shoot emphasizes tribal markings and exotic animal printed garments.The question comes to mind, how so? Beyonce is an African American superstar, but for one emphasize of ones roots is to be offensive.

Should we upset if Lindsay Lohan or some other non-ethnic person gets a tan? People never discuss that to be as “offensive”. People do take something to be too literal, which diminished the purpose within the art.

Balmain Jackets: Overpriced??

Alright I have been seeing alot of Balmain lately via la blog. Every since Beyonce wore that insanely priced military jacket, I have been keep the prowl on the Parisian fashion house.

The question I am asking is the price of their jackets truly worth it? I mean they are stupid dope and every, but seriously?

Despite how I planning on making in the future, I wouldn’t purchase a garment for only a season. Prices like that should be investment which would be timeless.. Give me a Billionaire Boys Club varsity jacket and I am good!

Image source: Upscalehype