My reflection as a blogger

I have been blogging for almost a year and a half. There have been some transitions from being a blogger. One of the great things is to actually provide a great way to express your aesthetic to the world. In my case, it is martial arts and fashion. During the beginning, I was really expressed my views and discussed life changing moments. Some of these moments were to have you all as the reader to gain empathy and apply into your own (my true inspiration for blogging).

Unfortunately, I have cheated alot of my blog viewers. There was an insufficient amount of original and personal information pertaining to myself. Sure I have post different martial artists, fashion models, designers, collections and campaigns, but there was not enough of me! It is only right for us to get to know the person who is writing these blogs.

Please do not take this the wrong way.  Bloggers should be able to obtain a voice which connect to the readers from their personal experiences.  This voice should be penetrate towards idealist who are going through the same issues whether its success, being ostracized, overcoming obstacles, etc.  Although the material I post on reflects my aesthetic, but its showing you, the real me!

Everything else will remain the same, but expect more adventures of William Mitchell (yours truly) on the blog.  Thanks for the support.