3.1 Philip Lim is “Trickin” it

Showcasing the Video campaign of fashion label, 3.1 Philip Lim‘s upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Mr. Lim never cease to amaze with his fashion aesthetic. However, it appears he officially became my favorite fashion designer has he acknowledged “tricking” to the fashion forefront. Those who have not seen my previous post about tricking, but its a hybrid movement which consist of martial arts techniques fused with tumbling and dance moves (Although the tricker was not credited on the video, I could easily tell it was world champion Micah Karns of Team AKA/Sideswipe, due to his signature kicks showcased). It has been around for almost 20 years.

There is a time tricking was the main deal in the sport martial arts community. This lifestyle has transferred from competition to movies, dancing on America’s Best Dance Crew, TV perfomances from Dancing with the stars, Grammys, etc. However, to find tricking enter the high fashion is world is way beyond a breath of fresh air. I only vision this in my head. One of my close friends, Carmichael Simon (others include David Douglas, Mike Chat, Jon Valera) who I consider a brother is one of the forefathers of tricking in the early 90s, had inspire thousands of people who help paved the way it is today!

Philip Lim will always and forever get my praise to acknowledge these martial artists and performers to another aspect of life! I am uncertain he’s a martial artist; lets just say he is an honorary brother of the empty hand!

“Iron Will”

Turn up the Gruv


Xiaolin Gruv has been underground for a while slowly sweeping the dancing scene. I have recently posted material demonstrating this martial arts/dance performing act innovated by my good friend Carmichael Simon. This time he has focused on giving his talents towards this youth who recently competed in a dance competition.

These kids have been working with Carmichael for over 3 months and has showing potential as relaying the torch of this aesthetic. Their performance was rehearsal a couple days ago, which I believe they done pretty well. I wish these kids to continue to be inspired and keep on pushing into the gruv!

Get into the Gruv

My brother/homie/mentor, Carmichael Simon , has recently went to the bay area to work out with some fellow martial artists. One of those martial artist is Grand Master Max Pallen,Jr . Max Pallen has a successful martial arts school (s) along with a martial arts circuit, among other business ventures in the bay area. Here you will see Grand Master Pallen “emptying his cup”.

What makes this video unique is for a grandmaster to re-learn something with martial art inspired elements. This element is dance, Xiaolin Gruv. Some time last year, I made a post pertained to unprecedented experience of Martial Arts, Dance, and tricking combined to a mainstream audience within the likes of artist such as Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

In the video, you will see Carmichael and Grand Master Pallen working on the Xiaolin Gruv (martial art moves with a 8 count beat). Ultimately, you see the grand master killing it! The moral to the story is it doesn’t matter how long you have done an art or perfected your craft; Far as new adventures, there is plenty of room to learn/grow. You never know whether it would help you take your craft to another level.

Training Tools: The Intermix training system

For those have been previously following my goal, you may have notice my good friend/colleague, Carmichael Simon with some one of the training devices he helping towards the fighting market. This video here demonstrates the application of the reach arm on the BOB (seen on the video).

This is what you call training, “solo dolo”. These applications will guarantee develop faster reflexes without the use of a sparring partner. Imagine the miserable days unable to find a sparring partner for that timing you need to stay sharp. Naturally you have been training on the speed and power of your techniques opposed to an object projecting towards you (with NO telegraphing)  Well this is going to be your answer! Quite frankly, I find this very commending for a fellow martial artist (forms comepetitiors rather; no pun intended) to brand something beneficial for fighters. Talk about innovation.

Soon this training equipment will be on the market for personal training use. In case some people have not seen the other videos for the device, you may see them below.

Details on purchasing are coming soon.

Reach Intermix

Introducing : The Reach Arm

I am pretty sure there are plenty of martial artists across who are unable to find a sparring partner. Isn’t that the most depressing thing to experience; Personally, its something hard to come by on a regular basis. You practice your kicks and punches to maintain your power and technique. It doesn’t matter if you have the fastest punch or most powerful kick if you timing is on point!

Timing, ah we found the key work. Well, the product I am writing about will actually keep enhance and develop your speed and timing from various strikes.The Reach Arm, is the next must have tool for martial artist to add to their training equipment. The arm shoots out in various speeds. The speed adjustment is great for those are trying to get comfort with their blocks or evasive techniques (bobbing and weaving). Once you are confident in a particular speed, increase it!  Beware because the arm is not telegraphic!

In martial arts, the last thing we would want to do is telegraph! Telegraphing allows for our opponents to be prepare for a counter, evade or reset from from their initial attack. The various speeds on the Reach Arm shooting at different angles will increase your sense of timing and reflexes. Nont onlyits a great defense tool, but you can also develop timing in your strikes too. Speed is your best friend with the Reach Arm.

The greatest benefit is the person using the arm doesn’t have to be a martial artist! That one friend who always want to be help you train can finally do that without injury! Its hella dope because this will be one of my prayers answered for helping timing when there is no martial arts around to train with! The videos will give demonstration for ways to use the Reach Arm. They will be in production pretty soon. Visit  Reach

happy birthday Carmichael Simon

Today is my good friend, Carmichael Simon’s birthday. A student of Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee who has a revolutionize the forms and weapons competition to where it is today. My opinion he is THE founder of XMA. The video below was the start of the XMA.

Besides all of that, he has been won numerous championship in the 90’s, featured as kid carmichael in WMAC masters, various video games, and the founder of xiaolin gruv. From knowing this guy for a short period of time, I have learned so much and brought my hustling to another level. HBD dude!

ATA vs. NASKA battle

NASKA vs ATA Battle: A True Sports Collaboration “The Innovators vs The Corporations”. CAN THIS BE PULLED OFF?

Quite Frankly this is something the sport martial arts community needs to have in order to revive the true spirit! Last night Mike Chat, the co-founder of XMA, made a facebook announcement making the battle between ATA and Naska official. Ironically his success was from NASKA as well as the student he trained were also NASKA world champions (i.e. Taylor Lautner and Matt Mullins).

The mysterious cameo appearance of Carmichael Simon at the Diamond Nationals proves this is not just a coincidence! These guys are world champions who revolutionized the sport martial arts world with their SOLID BASICS and acrobatic kicking (also know as tricking). This anticipated battle is much needed. Bringing martial art competitors from different backgrounds is not gonna make the sport better, but also embrace diversity. Its time for us to get aspired again. Not just for martial arts competition, but for the Art itself.