Celine – 2013 Resort Collection

The beautiful structure and aesthetic of the fashion label, Celine, never fails! Creative director, Phoebe Philo, is a master of her craft! A perfect mixture to motif prints and minimal ensembles are what the label is known for. I can really see every ensemble being seen on a hot vacation with effortless swag! Many of the collection had 30+ looks. Celine’s collection stripped to its minimal aesthetics letting everyone know “less is more”.



Catch That Chick in that Phoebe Philo

Celine never disappoints and I’m not talking about the Canadian either… Phoebe Philo truly deserved the award she has obtained which was presented to her by Kanye West. This resort collection is nothing different.

Let’s make this straight

My overall goal for my blogs is to embrace diversity and slice the systematic way of thinking from my aesthetics in martial arts and fashion.  One of the greatest articles (so real) I ever have read is Harper’s Bazaar’s Q&As with the straight men of fashion. Now most people think its just a Q&A, but it meant beyond that to people like me! Interviewed from the style guy of GQ magazine, Glen O’ Brien to Dirk Standen of style.com was a relief of fresh air.

The questons were consisted on personal opinions. For example, who is considered to be the sexiest fashion house or designer, favorite fashion shows, etc. Every one in the article gave their own individual input, which is respectable by all means!  if you was to ask me:

Sexiest fashion house? classic aesthetic, chanel hands down. modern chic, celine

Sexiest designer? Diane Von Furstenburg.  if you ever seen that lady back in the day till now, you would agree. She is incredible.

Favorite Fashion shows? artistically, Chanel and Alexander McQueen (R.I.P.) , but consistency, Burberry Prorsum

Best Campaign Ad: Tom Ford. Sex sells, period. I know Mr. Ford when I see it

Favorite Model? Chanel Iman . If she was my sister or daughter, I would have to get a gun

Favorite Trend? Military. I hope it stays forever

Straight men can love fashion too! This stereotype quite pisses me off because of quantity of men who are gay in the fashion world or with the interest.Now what ever floats your boat is your business, but we as a society are so use to making people as if they are consellations. We tend to connect the dots and come up within the figure we presume out of the galactic stars.

There is no way in the world you can’t say you have no interest in fashion. When you figuring what to wear for an interview or a date, you are making fashionably choices. You are making a conscious decision to impress you are or job you are trying to pursue. When you step in the club, you want to be freshest Mofo in there.  You ATTEMPTING to make fashion your fit. So people don’t give me that “fashion is for only gay people” bullshit. It just goes to show some people (gay or straight) that it more seriously than others.