Dick Tracy Swag!!

Color Blocking has still an on-trend this season. One way to get notice in such style is with this Trench Coat by Zara. This stable would give you the pop you will need whenever you step into the room. Because Yellow provides any extreme pop, you either wanna make sure this is the main player in your ensemble with neutrals. Proportion is definitely key if you decide to use the cool colors (i.e. blues and greens) or warm colors (i.e. reds, orange)…


Solange Knowles Best

I love a woman who can rock a difficult hairstyle with a chic outfit as Solange Knowles. Alot of people always applaud her sister, Beyonce’ Knowles-Carter; however, I love how the baby sister is willing to step out of some people comfort zone and make it work for her. The sapphire blue is a great look on her as she rocks the Vera Wang Dress and Giuseppe Zanotti pumps.


Jean Paul Gaultier – Haute Couture Collection 2012

Presenting the Images of the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture 2012 collection. There are some very retro looks who possess an abundance of nostalgic sexy looks. I am sure the inspiration was from Amy Winehouse from the observing the cat eye make up and the bee hive hair wrap. The color palette really kept my attention from start to finish.


Jourdan Dunn and friends – W Magazine January Issue

Jourdan Dunn, Lily Donaldson, Cara Delevingne, and Nyasha Matonhodze are featured inthe upcoming January issue of W magazine. Talk about an elite group of models in one shoots rocking some of the labels in the game such as Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Yves St. Laurent, and Louis Vuitton.

One thing I do appreciate about W magazine is their editorial shoots. Naturally, its every fashion magazine’s job to project the finest aesthetics. Its great to see it being delivered from another perspective every now and again.


Skin I’m in


One of my all time favorite shirt. Marc by Marc Jacobs happens to contribute to many different causes. The quote is “Protect the skin you’re in” does deliver a message for not only health, but being the true individual you truly are! Many people are not comfortable in their skin which is sad.  Nevertheless,the shirt is so chic.. easy to throw on. Thought about going to bed with her (the shirt), but I had to think twice *dodges projectile*

Born this way

Lady Gaga featuring in the latest Harpers Bazaar magazine was beyond amazing! Talk about high fashion at its finest!! Gaga never has a problem selling herself in every editorial. Now I see she has that total recall thing going (weird lol).

Judging from some of the photography, it totally delivers a retro 60s element. Go Mad way don’t cha!

Topshop – Cosmic Dress by Motel

Fashion Designer, Christopher Kane has thrilled us fashion viewers on his recent galactical garments (t shirts, hoodies, cardigans, etc.) . Come to find out there was a dress also released in his latest collection. Sadly, not all women either able to afford or wanna pay the price of that dress (gas prices people!)

! Ladies, I have found close to a great alternative which is practically a fraction of the dress of Kane’s dress. This Cosmic Dress by Motel is cookin! The dress has a black mesh neck panel with a sweetheart neckline. Add a biker jacket to give a little edge to your look or a sexy little trench coat over it!  If you want to freak it up a little, throw some rhinestones or crystals to create a star effect! Its a sexy dress, so you make it SEXY!! I would love to see a fine  woman strutting down the catwalk     street  having me looks deep with in the stars in this! A great substitute like this would make you so happy! I highly recommend.


Beyonce for L’Officiel Paris Magazine

Beyonce blackfaced? Ironically some people find this to be offensive. The photoshoot was shoot for the 90th anniversary for L’Officiel Paris. As you can see the shoot emphasizes tribal markings and exotic animal printed garments.The question comes to mind, how so? Beyonce is an African American superstar, but for one emphasize of ones roots is to be offensive.

Should we upset if Lindsay Lohan or some other non-ethnic person gets a tan? People never discuss that to be as “offensive”. People do take something to be too literal, which diminished the purpose within the art.

Big Sean for Vibe Magazine

If there is one urban magazine I always look forward toward pertaining style and fashion, it has to be Vibe! They have the tendency to keep it ghetto chic, effortlessly. This month G.O.O.D. Music artist, Big Sean happens to appear in the style section.  The editorials does display the Detroit Native with class without losing his motor city swag. From urban chic to the dapper smooth criminal and rat pack aesthetic, He continues to pull it off well. If you notice, everything he has on not baggy nor saggin; its fitted and tailored which should be a must (sagging is out of here)! Some people can buy labels, but can’t buy style. This is not the case here. Great job once again Vibe!

Zac Posen (Paris Fashion week)

I have been neglecting some of my lady viewers, but I have not forgetten about y’all! Zac Posen‘s collection features bold hues of blue and other dark color palettes.  The metallic textures and fur gave me a lot of sexy throughout the collection. The items I can see being duplicated into the high street and department stores.