Risky Business

Don’t you ever get tired of punching some one else’s clock for living? That is how I felt within the past several months. I currently work as a representative of a publication company (don’t even think asking the name). It is a decent job with decent pay. On the contrary, It’s not what I want to do as a career. Throughout the rapid shift changes in the company has caused some of the clients irate. Judging on the economy’s state, I do not blame some of them. My years in the martial arts has taught me how to maintain self-control in many situations. Patience is wearing very thin with my current occupation.I am currently walking on thin ice.

We all should be grateful we have a job this day and age. Sometimes you have to take what you can get. Not me… I am seeking to take what I want! I am striving for an established career in the fashion world becoming the first martial arts – fashion icon. Sharing my aesthetics and announce a dope intake within the two worlds in pop culture. With my ambition, knowledge, and skill, its bound to happen! After all, these are the 2 things which captivates my persona to share with the world!

Recently I have been selected to be a judge for a fashion event in Indianapolis. The Unzip the Runway competition will be held Friday June 1st. Besides blogging, this is very important event to attend networking with designers and fashion enthusiasts within the region. It’s another great outlet to brand my aesthetics in the industry outside social media. The only discrepancy is I have to work on Friday. Unfortunately, the person who was going to cover my shift reneged on me while facing an ethical dilemma: Attend to the fashion event or increase the chance of losing my job. As a single father, the last thing you want to do is take the risk of unemployed (not to mention, decrease my shopping lifestyle).

Isn’t life all about taking risk? If I was not able to take risk how would I expect to go far in life? There are so many people out in the world who has taken risks and excel. Before you make a risk, you always need to have a strategy. Strategizing your goals makes the probability increase. For example, martial artist always take the risk of being struck. It’s always a 50/50 ratio. You either get hit/miss or get hit. Depending on how you execute your attack is entirely up to the individual. It goes with the same thing with fashion. There will be no such thing as being “fashion forward” if designers were not able taking risk. Fashion would still be in the Victorian era opposed to modern times.

Whenever you are on that ambitious road, there will always be an obstacle blocking your way. You can either yield or jump over the hurdle. The choice is yours!


“Iron Will”

constructive criticism? you can really take it??

One thing we must understand in our path towards greatness is the awareness of useful information. Many of us tend to only listen to what we wanna hear. The question is, are you being true to yourself from accepting or  rejecting the information? Take me for instance, I have posted a fight of mine of facebook from the diamond nationals. It was my fight toward going for 1st and 2nd place which, I placed third.

After looking at the video, I was totally aware of the errors which were made in the fight(live and learn). One of my idols stated I had some work to do, come up to NYC. Alot of things do change within a month (i.e. improving on flaws and training harder), but it was fruitful to listen to a “who’s who” in the sport karate scene! The advice was very blunt. Constructive criticism can actually either make you or break you. We always want to tell people about themselves, but can’t imply the same for ourselves as well. The truth is I was totally aware of the video, but in most cases you have to humble your self and just shut up sometimes lol. Making excuses or explaining yourself will ultimately make you look like a jackass.  People who make excuses tend to justify their actions which hinders them from their progression.

Its very evident people only make excuses because its easier for them to cope from their problems or insecurities. How can you expect to grow when you always make excuses? Constructive criticism is what it is, constructive. Whenever you are constructing, your building of knowledge and skill may need some renovating. It is impossible to renovate anything without stripping or rebuilding it. Homes need renovating. Lives need renovating. Of course your craft needs renovating, therefore, constructive is need! Often we must acknowledge the criticism needed because sometimes it can be helpful; however, some criticism isn’t good. You make the choice.