Last Minute Christmas shopping

Yesterday was a busy day. Clearly I was being super late on the remainder of my shopping. This is America and name another person whose not doing it lol? Anywho, I happen to hit up one of my homies whose like a brother and went to the mall.

The focus was my son and my mother. Even though its easy to get sidetracked, we searched for kicks like a sneaker head! There was nothing to tickle my fancy on the sneakertip, denied!

Truly prefer going online for exclusive, call me fancy why don’t cha lol! My little one made a special entrance to spend time with yours truly, which did not hinder his christmas shopping by any means!

We went to Victoria’s Secret to get a gift for my mother. They actually have a nice amount of items to be great stock stuffers by the fireplace (too much egg nog and someone’s stocking might get stuffed j/k). They were helpful so I copped alot of scents, #noLoveSpell . I even got my sister something, now someone was feeling the christmas spirit lol!