Burberry Prorsum shirts

Here are some of the tops which will be for the next upcoming Burberry Prorsum collection. Traditionally they are known for their great outerwear and icon “Burberry Plaid”, but we will never know what creative director,Christopher Bailey, has up his sleeve. As always, Bailey doesn’t upset regards to fashion and especially FALL FASHION!!  The garments in the photos exhibits geometric shapes attached on to the tops. Most of the time patterns as such are either knitted or printed, which gives a slight nod on the creativity tip. The question is would be it be worth it one to purchase such an item when it appears they can do it themselves. Just a thought, but nevertheless still a dope shirt. I can see Yeezy pull it off.

Burberry Pre-fall collection 2011

Christopher Bailey of Burberry has displayed the garments for the pre-fall 2011 collection. Burberry being widely synonymous for their outwear (i.e. trench coat); however, you can not deny the modern aesthetics from the monochromatic garments. The color palette was indeed neutral with a pop of your traditional fall colors. Very sophisticated and casual chic at the same time! These were a few of my favorite looks.

Photosource: JeremyDante