H&M’s Web-Store Confirmation

hm-pano_25032H&M has always had an online presence, but try to buy something from the fast fashion brand’s website, and you will get sent straight to the nearest store. An online shop was  always the downfall of the brand. It was first reported that the date for the launch of the much-anticipated feature would be around June 2013. Unfortunately, we surpassed mid July!

On the other hand, there has been notification the fast fashion brand will be launching their US web store in August. Honestly, that’s that shit which pisses me off. It has been speculation the brand were going to launch a store in Louisville this fall. Soon as we gotten our wish from rubbing the fashion genie bottle, the web store will be launched around the same time. I suppose its better late than never. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

“Iron Will”


Gilt Opening Pop-up in Kentucky


Sometimes the diamond in the rough are often found at the most unrecognizable places; They are even hidden right in front of you. The high fashion outlet e-commerce site,Gilt, will be opening its first-ever pop-up shop in Louisville, Kentucky (where its distribution centre is located).  The warehouse will be in Shepherdsville, at Shelbyville Road Plaza. From June 28 to July 28, you will be able to cop some of the hottest brands (i.e. minus Givenchy, LV and Balmain lol) for practically 90% off.

I was always curious how in the world all of my purchases from Gilt were delivered super fast. Louisville,Ky is indeed a diamond in the rough in some cases. Good thing I don’t live far because best believe I will be making a visit!

“Iron WIll”

The New Old Fashioned

2This week is the a pretty much a huge deal in the city. The Kentucky Derby occurs during the first weekend of May every year. Many of the A-List (also the B,C, and D list) celebrities visit Louisville for our annual festivities, which consists of horse races, pretentious lavish parties, fashion shows, etc. There is a particular iconography reflects around the derby. grandiose hats, floral and pastel colors for the women while you embracing the conservative staples of seersucker suits and tribly hats for the men. Honestly, it’s too predictable and so boring.


I understand its iconography, but can we please stop “playing it safe” with the old fashion ensembles. Sadly, there is nothing vintage chic about these looks. Fortunately, a local fashion stylist, Fitz Fitzgerald, of the voice tribune provided a revamp take on the old fashion derby look and provided a contemporary twist. It’s great to be a little old fashion, but stay slightly up to date. Due to the anticipated release of The Great Gatsby, it was no brainer to curate a shoot intertwine with our annual festive event. Personally, I love how he use each ensemble had its own sense of identity without losing its harmony.  It’s all in the matter of knowing your menswear essentials and add your interpretation.


Creative Direction/Styling: Fitz Fitzgerald

Wardrobe: Dillards, Macys, Nitty Gritty

Lens: Cristy Elaine

“Iron Will”


Nike Free 5.0 TR Jon “Bones” Jones Edition


Nike has released a special edition of its Free 5.0 TR for current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones, who just signed with the sports brand last summer. Designed to give the wearer greater freedom of movement thanks to its ultra flexible build, it was only natural that these two parties would find a match with the Free 5.0 TR. The shoes feature a predominantly tonal black upper marked by an interwoven pattern and contrasting Gym Red accents on the outsole, and “Bones” and “Jones” printed on the tongues. A subtle but integral element is the pink that lines the edges of the woven bands, allowing them to pop out from the body of the shoe. Priced at $105 USD, the shoes and an accompanying T-shirt can be found at select Nike outlets as well on Nike.com .

Despite the great design, I don’t see how this is considered as “functional”. Are going to see more martial arts (or mixed martial artists) with sneaker launches. Are there going to be used inside of the pentagon? Afterall, the sneaker is made for Jon Jones and he is a fighter! I love the fact Nike has taken the step to curate sleek footwear, which I would hope they would be able to design apparel for other sport martial arts styles (i.e. sport karate, Tae Kwon Do,  wrestling, etc.).

Iron Will


I’m a BOSS (tweed)

The Ensemble: Tommy Hilfiger Tweed blazer; Polo shirt; Brooks Brothers Tie; Polo corduroy pants; Murano vest; River Island socks; Calvin Klein Loafers

We have basically surpassed the heart of the fall/winter season. There are some spring/summer birds are not accepting the weather from people like myself. After all, It is the best time to demonstrate your personal style through ( i.e. layering, mixing textures, patterns, etc.) as you beat the cold.

On of the fabrics I was to discuss is twed. This fabric is one of the popular ones which gives you a classical appeal without sacrificing looking like your grandfather (it is very traditional). Besides the Chanel jacket, a tweed blazer is a must have! This menswear staple give you versatility. For example, I love to fuse elements together to incorporate my style. Last I wanted to look like out of a Ralph Lauren ad or a J crew catalog (no pun intended). Afterall, it is very important to apply individual style in the mix. If you are trying to find your way, use those brands’ aesthetic as a template.

Before going to your favorite department store or online site, check out your consignment shops of thrift stores first! This necessity is essential for a couple reasons:

1. Classics never die

2. Wallet-friendly

During off-season, I purchased my  Tommy Hilfiger blazer from a local consignment shop under $40. However, If it ain’t trickin if you got it, by all means splurge on it. You will get your moneys worth for years to come; consider it as an investment.