Kenneth Cole Collection 2013

I was not expecting this at all! Kenneth Cole Collection for 2013 is definitely dope! This is truly a stylish, yet possess functional pieces which could appeal to a contemporary men. What attracted me the most about the collection was the lovely detail from woven stripe knits to the leather tops. The tailoring screams a fine line between American and European. If you are thinking about the Kenneth Cole at your local department, you must be mistaken. He has decided to upgrade ya (style wise and price wise). These designers coming with bus drivers uppercuts with their fashion tactics. Gotta love it!

image source: GQ

Neil Barrett – Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Neil Barrett‘s spring/summer 2013 collection is a complete knockout! It is often hard to find a collection you could personally love from start to finish. However, this is not the case when it comes this designer. Unfortunately, his name isn’t one of the first people the laymen would think about when it comes to fashion. In some cases, I believe that is a good thing because it shows more concentration of the designer (not the name). This collection has an array of very beautiful constructed pieces without losing its subtle masculinity edge. The baseball jackets were perhaps my favorite of them all. The versatility can easily be juxtapose from euro to street urban. Overall, the collection has something to offer that contemporary man who admires simplicity or wanna take it another level with a hint of metallics.

Versace for H&M Cruise Collection 2012 – lookbook

Models River Viiperi and Abbey Lee Kershaw are featured for the Versace for H&M Cruise 2012 season. Judging from looking at the lookbook, I will take back what I previously from the other post. The looks are taking a different aesthetic from its Rock & Roll predecessor. The collection will be launched on January 19th (my birthday), exclusively on H&M Online.

My main concern is some of us Americans will get the privilege to purchase these items online? Zara has finally pleased us with a e-commerce site. H&M needs to get on aboard an e-commerce for the United States. We need some of us needs these garments dammit!


A bathing Ape 2012 spring/summer collection

A great way to interpret American fashion staples with the signature A bathing Ape flair. The collection is simple, yet its signature camo packed a punch (ironically its subtle at the same time).


McQ 2012 Spring/Summer collection

Alexander McQueen‘s diffusion line, McQ, has embraced the rockabilly aesthetic for their spring/summer collection. The key items in this collection are the oxford shoes, rebel leather jacket, and the baseball jacket, and the skinny suit. Kinda squarish, but I am sure someone can get their Bruno Mars swag with it!

Rihanna’s collection for Armani

Rihanna simply just can’t stop, won’t stop! The good girl gone bad was previously on a campaign for Armani Jeans. Since she is no longer the face for the brand, Ri-Ri is collaborating with them far as fashion design! The images shown are apart of the collection that will be launching very soon. There is no doubt Rihanna is one of the biggest fashion figures in pop culture, but I am curious what the viewers feel about the collection.

 Honestly, I think is an honest and personal collection. From the looks she has been pushing for some time now (i.e.The leather jacket, distressed jeans, etc) provides the edge Rihanna possess! Talk about her as a singer you want, but you can never take away how she can easily make an ensemble look extraordinary (its here to stay people!). Sexy and simplicity is the key in this collection. Ladies, the only thing you need is a red wig and some swag. You will be good to go from there! Will you look like Rihanna? NO, but you certainly have some classic staples for the closet! lol 


Sneak Peek of Balmain’s fall collection

Despite the fact Balmain is known for there extreme edgy, rocker and military looks, their new designer will perhaps be seeking a different aesthetic regards to design. Will this lose interest in the consumer who supported Balmain’s concept and design? Maybe. Nevertheless, who needs fairweather supporters when you tend to deliver luxurious quality.. Does that mean will you see me purchase any Balmain in the near future. #Wishfulthinking lol.

Marc Jacobs S/S 2011

The smart and causal chic is the look for Marc Jacobs. The color palette is very neutral, which is something you would not see for as summer hues. Classic fitting in the garments. Not sure if I would pay the price for some of the items; I would have to make some economic substitutions. However, the more I look at some of the garments they are not bad. Its very rare to see collections where you would wear fit for fit.  Nevertheless its a pretty cool collection.


source: Fcking Young