Constructive Criticism

Tonight I went to sparring practice at Olympic Karate studio. It was great to actually working out with other black belts. sadly, I have not gotten the chance to workout with any one for the past 2 weeks. After sparring for about 4-5 rounds, I knew there needed to be major changes! To top everything off was when the instructor, Brian Ruth, stated how much I fell off and needed to get back in shape. To be honest with you, I needed that! It was the most honest thing I could have heard because it was the truth. How often do we expect others to compliment our art, but do not want the bad aspect; that is counter productive.

As artist, we have no room to feel hurt because they give you an honest opinion. It is called constructive criticism. It is designed to break you down and build you back. It’s no different from the inspiration derived from adversities one has faced. If we all try to neglect constructive criticism, how do we expect to grow as artist? Honesty is key. You have to honest about your progress in your craft. we are always not going to hit a home run. We are going to get caught slipping here and there, but champions build other champions. Champions don’t shy aware from criticism. They crave it!

I thank him for giving me the reassurance of my lack of physical training. I must grow! On a brighter note, I did land a jump spin sidekick tonight.. enough typing, more training!

“Iron Will”

constructive criticism? you can really take it??

One thing we must understand in our path towards greatness is the awareness of useful information. Many of us tend to only listen to what we wanna hear. The question is, are you being true to yourself from accepting or  rejecting the information? Take me for instance, I have posted a fight of mine of facebook from the diamond nationals. It was my fight toward going for 1st and 2nd place which, I placed third.

After looking at the video, I was totally aware of the errors which were made in the fight(live and learn). One of my idols stated I had some work to do, come up to NYC. Alot of things do change within a month (i.e. improving on flaws and training harder), but it was fruitful to listen to a “who’s who” in the sport karate scene! The advice was very blunt. Constructive criticism can actually either make you or break you. We always want to tell people about themselves, but can’t imply the same for ourselves as well. The truth is I was totally aware of the video, but in most cases you have to humble your self and just shut up sometimes lol. Making excuses or explaining yourself will ultimately make you look like a jackass.  People who make excuses tend to justify their actions which hinders them from their progression.

Its very evident people only make excuses because its easier for them to cope from their problems or insecurities. How can you expect to grow when you always make excuses? Constructive criticism is what it is, constructive. Whenever you are constructing, your building of knowledge and skill may need some renovating. It is impossible to renovate anything without stripping or rebuilding it. Homes need renovating. Lives need renovating. Of course your craft needs renovating, therefore, constructive is need! Often we must acknowledge the criticism needed because sometimes it can be helpful; however, some criticism isn’t good. You make the choice.