Monday Wisdom: Making a statement

When facing adversity, you must not be intimidated. Instead, look into its eyes as if it’s the last thing it sees! Always make sure you make a statement.. The last thing our adversaries (i.e. haters, bullies, etc.) need to do is succeeded by oppressing us. For example, this image was captured from Bruce Lee‘s “Fist of Fury“. Chen Zhen (Bruce’s character) took one the Japanese martial artists, who happened to be the oppressors in the film.

Sometimes its a task for the oppress to overcome the oppressor; however, our true character is shown during the heat of battle. If you have been fighting all of your life to become something, keep on fighting! To our knowledge, we only have one life to live. Never waste it on worrying. You must have heart! Despite whether if you win or lose, make sure your statement count!