Versace for H&M – Men’s Cruise Collection

The images of the garments will be apart of the Versace for H&M cruise collection. Needless to say, I am not all the way thrilled as I was with the previous pieces which were launched last month. Honestly, many of the pieces you could probably get before the launch. Besides the button up shirt, I don’t see anything that packs a punch. The accessories are nice though. Maybe it will grow on me.


Cruise Control

I seriously hope H&M is ready for another nationwide rock ’em sock’em and slash fest again because is Versace is giving the drug these fashionistas are fienning for… Just don’t call them.. Anywho, the previous collaboration was a success and they are now presenting a cruise collection, which the looks completely different from the previous (duh!).

This collection looks alot more relaxed rather than most Versace looks we have seen. Nevertheless, this is still a great collection and I am waiting to see how some of these sexy ladies gonna be rocking it. Fashion Advice: No Muffintops, please.. thank you, thank you, you far too kind 🙂