G-star Raw spring/summer collection 2011

I have been aware of G-star for a number of years now. Each collection has never gave the slightest sense of disappointment. This collection consists of Asymetrical sheer blouses, dark rinse sleeveless denim shirts, and just hardcore denim.

The denim already gives an subtle masculine approach. Their jeans did give me a slight baggy appearance, which make me question if this is the beginning of the 90s trend approaching (baggy clothes, stay at home); however, the cut from the pants were not exaggerated and everyone can wear them.

The denim jacket part 1

One thing about American classics I truly enjoy are denim jackets. They can be worn in the mild seasons (fall and spring) and provide some versatility and individualism. Every one rocks the denim jacket differently which is a plus. You can see the same person with the same jacket you have, but if they can’t do it how you can, it really doesn’t matter!

rocking the denim with the Dee and Ricky accessory.

Just like your ordinary jeans, they come in a variety of colors and styles. For example, if you stressing about what to wear today, throw it on with a “fitted” t-shirt, jeans or perhaps chinos followed the selected shoe of choice (loafer, trainers, sneaker, etc.). Its all about how you do it, period! Imagine yourself attempting to recreate a classic based on your own interpretation on the garment; rocked well, wouldn’t that be a classic all by itself?

I stumble across this jacket from American Eagle (cooooookin!!!) on top of the screen for only $70.00. Not a bad price at all. If you shop smart like me, you would buy some classics off season. That way you will much better about your pocket change and it will never die! just have no big logo from the brand on the jacket(negative lol). here are some other jackets

Cop this http://www.drjays.com for the ladies

g-star jacket at http://www.ssense.com

Obey denim jacket.... http://www.karmaloop.com

if you wanted to know the link for the american eagle denim jacket, go to: http://www.ae.com