D&G sneakers

There was no way for me to stand in a line for some sneakers. Even if you are the biggest fan to the most talked about hip hop artist in the world. This past weekend, Kanye West launched his sneakers a day after his birthday. Due to the extreme hype and savage activities to obtain these highly anticipated sneakers, i took an alternative.

The sneakers i recently purchased was there hi-top techno fabric blue sneakers from D&G. The shoe consists of three adjustable straps. The several designer sneakers can very comfortable, but these are my favorite. I do not have a problem with weight of the sneaker.  Seriously would not be “too trendy” by rocking a suit. You can still have your rock star or skater boy swag by using your own mix into it. It does have a color pop, which makes a statement to your ensemble. Contrasting colors would work as well.

Sometimes substitution can suffice in this economy. Speaking of the economy, I think I should not parade about fashionable purchases. Fortunately, fashion is a gateway to express myself visually. It also an outlet for one to escape the harness of reality. Everything worn should not only express yourself, but also according how you feel on a given day.

luckily, I got these babies on sale. With the price of a road trip, probability of a sneaker due to time and money, I think I made a wiser choice.


“Iron Will”


D&G: tax evasion

There was a recent outburst from Domenico Dolce of Dolce&Gabbana via Twitter in regards to the accusations of tax evasion. The dynamic fashion duo will have to appear in court pertaining to this nonsense.. According to sources, the government is trying to stick them for the paper if ya know what I mean. The tweet was immediately taked off from the account. If this is true, don’t pull a Wesley Snipes on us. The fashion world need y’all.

The end of D&G

Today I receieved some of the most heartbreaken fashion news since Alexander McQueen‘s passing (RIP). It has announced that Dolce and Gabbana will shut down their diffusion line, D&G and bring it towards their higher brand, Dolce and Gabbana (duh!).

Not sure if any people out there who are not into fashion that this line was more geared towards the younger generation. D&G is more of youthful casual appeal while Dolce and Gabbana is more formal.

Now mind you both brands are highly known for their brilliant tailoring, edgy campaigns (inspired from Tom Ford if you ask me), and maintain the glamorous aesthetic throughout the years.  Many of the celebrities you see on the red carpet has rocked some of the best garments from the dynamic duo. The clothes makes a complete statement, which is why the brand stayed reference.

However, the collections began to get not so interesting. I am not if this dealt with the chemisty far as working with your partner or what. Don’t get me wrong because they still went hard with majority of their collections. It really sucks to hear the brand I love the most is about to be no more after spring 2012. WTF #FML

D&G spring 2012 collection

The images displayed before you are the 2012 Spring/Summer collection for D&G. Being an avid fan/supporter of D&G, I was really getting some mixed feelings regards to this collection. Collectively the designs was great, fabric superb, but the originality was extremely questionable. Based on the print from the garments, it really gave me a hint of Etro and Gianni Versace back in the 90’s. The looks given in this collection is driving away from their niche, the glamorous life. Sure these designs are great, but not for this label.  Some people would probably disagree with me, but this is not the D&G I know.

Justin Bieber @ the Golden Globe awards

I definitely know a D&G suit when I see one! The lanvin lace ups with the thick white sole are everything! Justin Bieber truly gave the look formal/causal look a decent result. The only reason I stated it was decent because the suit should have been more tailored opposed to being very loose (think Taylor Lautner).  I really want those shoes!!