Milan Fashion Week: Versace A/W 2012

Donatella Versace has decided to take another step regards to the military trend. Within the past couple years, the military trend has been one of the premiere looks in fashion. Instead of the earth tones or the monochromatic palette, she has decided to provide a more flamboyant twist. The show began with suiting. I was not sure about the entire look of the suits. They were appear to more of a costume instead of appealing.

dressed in camouflage, the range transitioned to studded blue denim before moving on to audacious ensembles in red. Vibrant red fur coats were the highlight of the collection.


Lindsay Ellington: Vogue Japan 2012

There is alot going on in this shoot with Lindsay Ellingson for February’s Vogue Japan issue. Styling in the garments of Versace for H&M, the shoot happens to give us a different take on the ensembles shown. Lindsay is giving me everything I need: sexiness, and more sexiness. Doesn’t she look like something outta that Super Bass video?

Japanese fashion is widely known for their busy, ultra bright hues and random choice of textures. Its colorful as if its for a lifesavers candy ad. Nevertheless, it does give a great artistic feel, which goes to show never doubt the Japanese regards to aesthetics. Not sure if I am feeling home boy’s look, but that is just me #noshade


Versace for H&M

One thing about H&M is they certainly know how to play their cards right regards to their designer collaborations. It has been reported that H&M will be collaborating with Versace for their upcoming Fall collab. I was totally ecstatic from hearing about Lanvin last year, but Versace?! Every demographic will want to have their hands on this new highly anticipated garments..

The aesthetic will be more towards a rock and roll vibe consisting of 20 pieces for the men and 40 for the women (some bs on that one)! I will try my best not to underestimate the rock and roll theme, but it just doesn’t fit the Versace brand (more towards Balmain, but that’s my opinion). Nevertheless, the accessories are going to be the biggest seller. A Versace scarf is calling a brotha’s name. We all can not wait for the looks comes closer to fruition.