Haute Ghetto (chic) Mess – Vogue Italia

A friend of mine happened to bring this video to my attention. The video shown above is from Vogue Italia, which appears to find expression from the black urban culture called Haute Mess (directed by Steven Meisel). Clearly, this video can be easily misinterpreted. Some would believe it’s racist to make such a video. The crazy colored hair-dos with long finger nails in the supermarket. If this doesn’t scream rachetness, then I would not know what to tell you.

However, this was perhaps done in the best aesthetic it could give, in my opinion. Sure this has been inspired by some of most ratchet style in our culture. When has it ever been when someone has not gain inspiration from something classified degrading, ratchet, or provocative. We have been doing it forever!! If I must say so, the black culture has influenced the fashion culture for years!  Fashion is an art form which can be inspired from the smallest atom to something larger than life. This video is an example of it ain’t biting if you can do it better.