Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Forever

Sexy Pop star and my babymama (in my head, of course) Rihanna has hit the cover for Elle Magazine‘s May Issue. The “Talk that Talk” singer is in fact not pulling any punches far as the editorial work. Nostalgic images provided a charismatic sex appeal which is an instant classic. Every shot she has done never ceases to amaze me. In fact, I never understand why she is not featured in more campaigns or some fashion label’s muse. On the other hand, I am not necessarily a huge fan of the blonde hair. It kinda gripes me seeing ethnic artists reach a status to where they have to be featured with blonde hair and blue eyes.. I guess I should not complain as much because She does what ever she wants right?  One thing I will not discuss is her previous relationship with singer Chris Brown (find that on another blog). The only thing is important is her selling the look shown below.


Sheila Johnson

I am loving Sheila Johnson’s look! This model is delivering hauteness as if she was born to be in the camera. A top model in the making whose been recently spotted at New York Fashion week, July’s issue of Elle Magazine & the November issue of New York Weddings. She is slowly on the rise to become a supermodel. That third look is screaming sexy!!

Sheila J The Model.

Joe Zee’s “All on the line” Returns

It has turned out Joe Zee, creative director of Elle Magazine will be returning for another season of “All on the line”. The season priemere will be on November 25th 9 PM ET/PT. For those fashion viewers who has not been able to watch this show, PLEASE watch it this season.

The show reflects around Mr. Zee giving his style and creative advice towards new upcoming talented fashion designers in order to brand themselves towards a massive audience. One thing that gripes me about the show are some of the designers being stubborn regards to the advice (Sidenote: shut up, sit down, take notes and humble yourself) he gives.

On the other hand, we viewers are getting indirective advice to set up a successful career any one of us would take ANYDAY!

All on the line is another fashion reality series that gives us something worth viewing. Aspiring artists DVR this and take notes!


Mary j Blige – Elle Magazine

In the upcoming November issue of Elle magazine features Mary J. Blige. Through the lens of Thomas Whiteside, Mary happens to capture the nostalgic glamour which is noticeable in the 1940s film.

Often time styled (christopher niquet) in fur takes a certain amount of confidence (most cases social classes) and with her Bonafide diva attitude really put the icing of the cake in this editiorial. This is what kind of woman I love right her! Sexy, Confident, Sophisticated, and a little bit older #HA!

Nicki Minaj for Elle Magazine

Whether you love Nicki Minaj or not, the word to describe her is Eloquent! Nicki Minaj is breaking barriers for the female hip-hop artists by gracing her Barbie Presents Presence in Elle Magazine.  Here she is rocking a knitted mini dress and a Bodysuit by Maison Martin Margiela.  This spread is speaking volumers towards Nicki’s progression as an ARTIST!  Her integrity amongst critics and predecessors are truly eating their words because SHE IS THE ONE TO BEAT! I live! Next Stop, Vogue!