Being Prepared

Next week I will be going to the Battle of Atlanta, which has to be one of the biggest sport karate tournaments in the country. I must admit there are some mixed feeling about me going to compete; however, the key is to make it memorable.  One of the things I will not settle is not performing well. I placed 8th last time, which is totally unacceptable.

One of the main problems I had was relying on man opposed to the faith God possesses us to have. we always talk about much faith we have, but 0ur prespectives begin to change once various elements gets in front of us. There was optimistic feelings about fighting since I placed well from the Bluegrass Nationals (RIP Ken Eubanks). There I had my instructor, brother, and other supports by my side.

Arriving to Atlanta it was only me, myself, and I. Competition was very different here while many people had coaches. This intimidated  me to a certain extreme. These fighters had 4 eyes (theirs and the coaches). Instantly I felt so lost my fight by 4 points before I even stepped in the ring. I did promise myself to kick someone in the head. First round I’m fighting a member of JPM (John Paul Mitchell). I’m very geeked about this fight because he was a very aggressive offense-defensive fighter.   The exchanges made ultimately was in favorite of the JPM fighter, but when you in the ring its fight or flight! Even though, I didnt win the match, but I still held my own with a couple kicks to the head.

This was one of my toughest battles in the martial arts. Not only was it my opponent, but the judges, and myself!  It can be discouraging at times to deal with an army by yourself. When you are facing an army, do you choose to back down or strategically take’em down one by one?

The choice you make often decides how you view yourself in life! This army is any type of adversity involved in your life. You gotta be the david fighting the Goliath to overcome what shortcomings you face!

Faith is the key to everything! Making a statement (all aspects of life) requires this trait. If you are not going to put in the work of faith, you might as well not commit to the obstacles you face! Don’t rely on man for these results; Trust in god for those results. Win, Draw or lose there will be a lesson reveal to get you closer to your goal!